Good article about the equipment managers of the football team

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Marty, Oct 19, 2007.

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    That was a good article about vital members of the Tiger football support staff who don't get the recognition they should. :thumb:
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    I worked my way through college as a football manager at another university and i can tell you during the season it basically consumes your life.

    That article is good but it doesnt even touch the surface of what they do,

    There is washing game clothing , washing practice clothes, working practices with your position coach and many other duties.

    One time they had held a concert on our practice field for spring fever and we were set to start spring practice and back then beer cans had rip off metal tops and they made us managers get on our hands and knees and cover the entire field picking these beer can tops up so the players wouldnt get cut.

    We were not neccessarily happy campers that day.

    I used to work with the linebackers and i would be the qb in individual drills running oposing teams plays. A few times the players would get ramped up if they were getting chewed on and i got helmeted under the chin a few times.

    It is 70 to 80 hours of hard work evry week.

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