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    I saw that someone posted a blurb from the article on the board. I enjoyed the article so much that I thought everyone should see it. Sorry if it's already been posted, but I didn't find it.

    I'm so ready to play Va. Tech next year, too. I have to get tickets for that game. I might even buy season tickets to ensure it...

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    <a href=""><b>Scott Rabalais: Scheduling tough task for Tigers </b></a>

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    Advocate sportswriter

    When it comes to football scheduling, Dan Radakovich is LSU's keeper of the holy grail.
    Every week of the year Radakovich, LSU's senior associate athletic director, pulls out his little stack of football schedules and tinkers with them, toils over them, and every once in a while makes a little headway.

    Sometimes Radakovich spends two hours a week working on football schedules. Sometimes 10. But the longer hours seem to be winning out.

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