Goodell Wakes Up - Tougher Penalties for Domestic Violence

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by COTiger, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. COTiger

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  2. LaSalleAve

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    While I agree, it should be a first offense and you're out rule. The only reason he did this was because of pressure and public opinion. I still think it's ridiculous that ray rice got suspended for 2 games. Josh Gordon for a year for a lower than the minimum drug test pop. Getting busted smoking pot a million times isn't nearly as bad as hitting a woman.
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  3. COTiger

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    I see we have a bunch of NFL fans on the board.
  4. b_leblanc

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    What he did should've won him some jail time and a hell of a lot longer than 2 games.
  5. mctiger

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    Ahh, but they did address it. They made Cox Sports TV discontinue the "Slap Ya Mama" Red Zone.
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  6. COTiger

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    The Ravens have released Ray Rice.

    Will be interesting to see how Goodell responds.
  7. old school

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    A video has surfaced of Ray Rice knocking out his fiance, and now wife, in the elevator. Suddenly, every talking head on ESPN is condemning Rice and is praising the Ravens organization for releasing him. This video has changed EVERYTHING they spout one after the next after the next. Please, what in the hell did they think happened in the elevator when the story first broke and Rice is seen dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator? Rice had already confessed to knocking her out. Only because all of the parties involved now fear that there will be considerable public backlash are they now "shocked and appalled by this despicable, cowardly, deed, etc., etc."
    COTiger, you can bet Goodell crapped in his pants when he found out about the tape. He already blew it by only suspending Rice for just 2 games and had to admit it. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He had to know tape existed in the elevator if the NFL investigators did their job, and he was probably praying it wouldn't go public. All he had to do was call Jay Z to know that it would be leaked eventually.:)
  8. COTiger

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    And he messes up to the tune of 42 million a year.

    He's beginning to make Jethro Jones look like a Rhodes scholar.
  9. COTiger

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    And Ray Lewis is on ESPN offering his insight and commentary.

    And just when you thought you had seen it all.
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  10. mctiger

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    I don't remember anyone on ESPN ever defending Rice. They all thought the 2-game suspension was too lenient.

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