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    Gubernatorial elections have gotten some discussion on the board. I thought I'd start a thread just to let ya'll know where it stands as of now.

    Two gubernatorial elections remain unresolved. In Alabama, it's fixin' to get nasty. Incumbent Democrat Don Seigelman and Republican challenger Bob Riley both swear up and down they won. A "computer glitch" in Baldwin County took 6,000 votes away from Seigelman, tipping the balance to Riley. And Baldwin County has already certified the results. Can you say litigation? Meanwhile, in Oregon, where they vote by mail, Democrat Ted Kulongoski is up 3,000 votes on Republican Kevin Mannix for the open seat, but there are a lot of votes to be counted.

    For right now, the Democrats did gain in governorships, but only a little bit. Where they once had 21, now they have 23, possibly 25 depending on Alabama and Oregon. Democrats gained in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Maine, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Arizona. Impressive gains on turf usually claimed by the GOP. Unfortunately, the Democrats did not defend their home fields very well. Republicans gained governorships in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Alaska, and Hawaii. I think when the dust settles, it'll be 26-24 for GOP.

    What does all this mean? Very little, IMHO. It means home state voters are willing to try something new at the state level. Don't read too much into it. When the 2004 election rolls around, the Northeast will still vote Democrat, and the Heartland will still vote Republican. Take me for example. I'm going to vote for a Democrat for Louisiana governor next year (Randy Ewing, because I know him and trust him to run our state well) but I would NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for a Democrat on the federal level. There is simply too much at stake. I'm Pro-Life and Pro-Gun, and pro-tax cuts. The Democratic National Party isn't. Period. There are a lot of voters who feel the way I do. I'm willing to experiment at the local and state level. Not with Congress or the White House.
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    Good informative (i.e. non-TuWho) post

    Also of note the only incumbent Governors to lose the other night while running for re-election were Democrats such as Barnes, the bought and paid for by big business in Atlanta, Governor of Georgia. No incumbent Republicans were defeated.
    A real question is how weak must have the Republican nominees for the seats in Wyoming and Kansas been? Did these guys win an actual primary or win a lottery to be on the ballot? Pitiful.
    In Tennessee, although called a "switch", Don Sundquist the term limited Republican governor sank his parties chances with his Democrat like actions in pushing for higher confiscation rates.

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