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    I watched the game at a friends then came back to read the posts in the game day thread. It was pretty funny to read. This leads to the grades

    Thread posters D-- Jumping to conclusions and letting prejudices take over was the theme today. Most was funny especially when read in retrospect, but the immediate jumping to conclusions on Jennings' future and next years team was execrable. If posters held themselves to the same standard they do LSU and Les to they could never post.

    Offense B overall. We dominated a supposedly strong defense and ran the ball down their throats.
    Line B+ the run blocking against 8,9 &10 man fronts was great. I know Jennings held the ball too long but the pass blocking could have been better.
    WR B It was hard to tell but Landry dropped one or two and it seemed they didn't separate from the Iowa DBs plus Landry got called on a hold near the goal.
    RB A Jeremy Hill..or Mills.. or Myles 'nuf said. Blue and Magee were good as well and Neighbors blocked well.
    QB C This is graded on the curve as Jennings looked tentative and uncomfortable most of the night. His int was badly overthrown. He took too long to decide and just looked like a freshman that started his first game....oh wait that is what he was.

    Defense A Overall What can you say great effort and result. Their 2 scoring drives(?) were less than 5 yards and Iowa had no running or passing success. Great job!
    DL A can't say enough of how Freak lived up to his name. Our supposedly weak middle stuffed Iowa's vaunted line. Rasco, Hunter, Allen LaCouture all played well
    LBs A Even Welter showed up and was knocking runners back. Barrow was a beast as were Kwon and Debo Jones.
    DBs A- Losten play like we hoped he would and the CB, Jefferson at safety and even Mills were all solid...the- is for Mills PF on the first 3rd down.

    Special Teams C- No spectacular plays when we had the ball and giving up the long KO return was unforgivable

    Coaching B+ a solid game they had the team ready to play and had a good plan to run on Iowa. Chief really dialed it up and the D stuffed Iowa. The bitching about the play calling and pass game is not justified IMO. If not for the INT or KO return we would have beaten Iowa 21-0 or better. Time management at the end of the first have was just right and if you watched the sidelines at the end of the game you would have seen only Jennings was clueless about the last down. Those who demean Les just jump to the conclusion he was the cause. Fail.
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    Easily the best job by the O Line all season in both phases, most complete game by the defense as well.
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    As usual, you pump to hard at the end and blow out. What poster blamed CLM for AJ not realizing he needed a TO?
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    There were more than one person who was making a comment about how Les Miles fucked up clock management again, when it was obvious Jennings not Les.
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    Read post 378
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    I dont have numbers, you must pay extra, plus Im lazy. I did see someone mention CLM's issues with clock mgmt but not your specific example. See what you wanna see bud.
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    Do you have numbers too, feeling left out.
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    The offense just went back to the prehistoric era.
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    Defense looked good though.
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