Great Idea for SEC Commish Replacement...

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by glenlivet12, Mar 29, 2002.

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    There are dozens more reasons, but these would be among the top reasons this candidate should be named the next SEC Commisioner.

    Since US Senator Fred Thompson (R.,TN) (former actor from movies like Hunt For Red October?) is not running for re-election to the Senate, he's available. He has a huge array of qualities and characteristics that make him the ideal candidate for this position.

    First, he has been a US Senator, so he knows how to politic. Second, he was an actor, so he can always act or ad-lib when things get sticky and still look good in the process. Third, he was an actor, so he can switch from sounding like a combat commander to a nun as quickly as needed to get things done. He also could convince the public of anything the SEC wants them to believe. Fourth, he was an actor, so he can probably do some great imitiations of Steve Spurrier at halftime of the UT-UF game every year. Fifth, he was an actor and often played a military leader, so he could call upon that experience any time the NCAA comes after a conference school and call in the Rangers, Seals and other Special Ops groups to put down the insurrection. Sixth, he was an actor and has had some great lines, so we could know that we will get plenty of straight talk and some memorable quotes during his time in office. Seventh, he is from Tennessee, so he would be the best candidate to beat out Al Gore for the job. Eighth, he IS from Tennessee, so there would be no degradation in the preferential treatment UT has gotten used to receiving. Ninth, he is a Fulmer look-alike (anyone else ever notice this?), so we could all just call them Big Phil and Little Phil, or Big Phil and Bigger Phil, or the Big/Great Pumpkin Twins, or Phat Phil and Phatter Phil, or something like that. The possibilities are endless! Tenth, he and Phil could share time on the sidelines to give Fulmer a break and extend his coaching career. The games that Thompson plays Fulmer would probably have better results since Thompson would be a better motivator and more believable Fulmer. As this relationship develops further, Fulmer could be the full-time recruiting guy, and Thompson could be the full-time hardass coach, thereby guaranteeing that UT gets not only the best recruiting class every year, but also gets the most out of them. Eleventh, with his UT and Fulmer connections, as commish, he could probably close the deal with Krispy Kreme to make them the official corporate sponsor of the SEC. I can just see the excellent ad campaigns featuring the Fulmer/Thompson twins wolfing down glazed donuts and talking about how important they are as a primary food group for athletes like those in the SEC...

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    They DO look alike. I've always liked Thompson, but it is time for a commish that is not just an extension of UT for a change.

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