Greatest CFB Seasons All-Time

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerTap, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Very nice
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    That schedule we played was stupid tough and we pretty much breezed through everyone but bama. I'll always remember that season as being the best ever but with the worst possible ending.
  5. islstl

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    I followed the BCS rankings very closely that season, as I did every year. The regular season with LSU sitting at 13-0 had broken the highest rating ever for each one of the computer polls being used. The stiffest competition was Miami from 2001.

    Amazing to think that LSU had dominated 12 of it's 13 opponents without a great offense.

    That's why I will always claim that LSU defense is the best defense of all time.
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    Lost me at FSU quality wins.
  7. uscvball

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    True. Also lost me with no 2001 Miami or 1972 USC.
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    That's the team that has me shaking my head...unreal.
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    So what used to be 'da U gives you pause Terry?

    Tell you what..list just 1 Top 10 team 2001 Miami beat in the regular season? Try 0..

    The fact is they didn't beat many tough teams. They are known for having a TON of great players, probably the best collection so far, playing an easy schedule. You gonna sell anyone on 8-4 Baston College or 8-4 VT as being badass teams? Those are 2 of the best wins Miami 2001 had before the Bowl game. And let's not forget mighty Syracuse..

    By contrast, LSU played & beat all 3 of the Top 5 teams on their schedule in 2011. Hell, we even got penalized .25 because Ole Miss sucked.
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    If you think that 2001 Miami team wasn't one of the best football teams in the last quarter of a century you give me a reason to pause.

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