Harry Coleman commitment

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by DJ, Jan 26, 2004.

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    From what I understand, this guy is a major talent who is likely to have some difficulty qualifying academically.

    I think what we are seeing with Coleman, Lucas and Jones is that the coaching staff has basically finished recruiting for the 2004 class and are now focusing their attention on loading the wagon for 2005. Although it was not planned in JV's case, the "greyshirt" approach did not seem to hurt Justin Vincent, and the coaching staff seems to be considering this as an alternative to sign and place at a JC. Tim Washington is also coming aboard via this route.

    We will hear about other commitments for 2004 that have not yet announced (and we may hear two of them today--Herman Johnson and Patrick White), but my guess is that the coaching staff already knows who is coming and who is not coming for 2004 barring an Archie McDaniel-type eleventh hour turnaround.

    So while my initial reaction to learning about the Coleman commitment was that we must not be expecting to sign Thaxton or Bryant at LB, it may be no indication at all if Coleman is considered by the staff as a 2005 recruit.

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