Harvin's migraines are back

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by islstl, Jan 22, 2010.

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    This is the biggest news coming out of the injury report this week along with the DE Ray Williams not practicing at all as well.

    I have Harvin being the most dangerous person for the Saints to defend and could be a huge factor if the Vikings are to do anything offensively vs Gregg Williams' aggressive defense.

    Harvin had to miss a game recently because the headaches would not subside.

    For a rookie like Harvin to miss practice like this is already significant. He needs to have the reps and missing them is not good for the Vikings.
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    I agree. In fact I think he may have missed a couple of games because of it. They sent him someplace where specialists gave him all sorts of tests to try to find out why he gets them. He has apparently had the problem even at Florida. If he's out it's a big plus for us.
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    I hope that his long-term health is ok.

    ...that being said, I hope he gets the worst migraine he's ever had at aroun 5:40 CST on Sunday evening.

    That is all.

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