Has that Johnson guy from CNN forgiven himself yet?

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Mr. Wonderful, Dec 15, 2002.

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    Sep 11, 2002
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    Enough is enough, I'm worried about this gentleman. The Johnson guy from CNN who was a former fraternity mate of Trent Lott. For 40 years now he has tortured himself over his vote to keep negroes out of the Sigma Nu fraternity. Well, I forgive you Mr. Johnson. Your 40 years in journalism, highlighted by your final stint at CNN proved to all of us that you would report the news and determine what was "news" on the basis of your personal nightmare. You have more than made up for your terrible, heart wrenching error with your slant on the news and its presentation. It is quite noble that you have been racked with guilt for this long, it is the mark of what passes as good journalism lately, but rest assured your past 40 years have proven that you deserve forgiveness. Have you considered requesting such forgiveness from the editors at the NY Times? They too have practiced journalism with the same white guilt. Take care soldier!

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