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    A ranking of the top coaches "you should hire" at cfn.

    Miles ranks 22nd:

    22. Les Miles, LSU – In a no-win situation, Miles really showed a lot in his first season in Baton Rouge. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he somehow kept his kids focused on football for four months, and led the Tigers to an 11-win campaign and a shellacking of Miami in the Peach Bowl. Until he wins his SEC title, Miles will have a difficult time stepping out of Nick Saban’s shadow, but he laid a nice foundation at Oklahoma State, and now has a chance with a name brand program to become one of college football’s premier head coaches.
    One-Year Record at LSU: 11-2 (1-0 in bowl games)
    One-Year Record Before He Arrived: 9-3 (0-1 in bowl games)
    Career Record: 39-23 (2-2)

    The list shows each coach's tenure and record and then the school's record for the same number of years before he was hired. For example, Friedgen has been at Maryland 5 years and is 41-20. Maryland was 20-35 in the five years before he got there.

    When using this comparison, one has to partially wonder about all the hoopla some coaches get.... as coaches like Tuberville, Richt, Ferentz, Petrino, Rodriquez, and Tressel have posted records very similar to the w/l records at the school before they arrived (although some are trending better then others).

    The coaches who really stand out are:
    Tedford, Cal, 4 years, 33-17.... prior 4 yrs, 13-31
    Price, UTEP, 2 years, 16-8..... prior 2 yrs, 4-21
    Johnson, Navy, 4 yrs, 28-21.... prior 4 yrs, 9-35
    Stoops, Okla, 7 yrs, 75-16..... prior 7 yrs, 37-40-3
    O'Brien, BC, 9 years, 66-42... prior 9 yrs, 49-52-2

    Of course, Trojanboy was # 1.:dis:

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    CFN sucks. Miles should be #1, or at least top 5. Did you see the season he had last year?

    EDIT: Sorry about being a smart-ass. Nice information, Hawker. Thanks.

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