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    HEAVEN (Sun Dec 9, 2001): In a historic move certain to shake up the
    college sports world for years to come, Almighty God confirmed this
    afternoon what Nebraska football fans had suspected for years: that He
    is in fact a Husker fan. As a result, the 11-1 Huskers will be going
    to the Rose Bowl to face undefeated Miami for at least a share of the
    national title on Jan 3, 2002.

    Reached for comment, God confirmed that the Huskers' narrow defeat of
    Colorado in the final BCS standings (by just .05 of a point) was
    indeed the result of divine preference. "Oh yeah, I've loved those
    guys ever since Johnny the Jet `tore em loose from their shoes'," He
    said, showing an impressive recollection of broadcasting legend Lyell
    Bremser's famous call. "They win, they play clean, their players
    graduate, and their fans are the best. So I've been sort of keeping
    an eye on them for a while. I thought after the Frost-Wiggins-Davison
    catch in OT vs Mizzou in '97 that everybody would figure out that I
    was on their side, but you know humans: they never really suspect any
    system until computers are involved."

    Asked for more specifics about just how He ensured Nebraska would in
    fact prevail this year, God was coy. "It was more of a spiritual
    thing at first, you know, encouraging the Okie State guys in Norman
    and so forth. But I will admit, the wind may have suddenly picked up
    a bit just before that So Miss game-winning field goal attempt against
    TCU on Friday. And OK, the fumbles by the Tennessee back were a
    little payback for him picking them over the 'Skers a few years ago."

    Despite the historic and far-reaching nature of His revelation, God
    seemed unconcerned that it might have negative impacts on the
    integrity of the college game. "I dunno, I think what goes around
    comes around. I mean, I gave CU that title with the loss, the tie,
    and the 5th down at Mizzou, what was it, 10 years ago? But they never
    really seemed to figure out how to handle winning; here they are
    trashing their own town again this fall -- not once but twice. The
    harassment of Nebraska fans, even children, after the game -- I mean
    come on. Let 'em eat Tostitos," a surprisingly flippant reference to
    the Buffs' upcoming appearance versus Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, a
    consolation game played somewhere in Arizona. "Anyway, I think the
    Huskers can handle things from here on their own. Miami's running
    game is not like CU's, and their run defense needs some work. I have
    however reminded Eric not to get too fat on those Heisman dinners!"
    God said with a chuckle.

    Asked if He planned to attend the game, God was noncommittal. "I've
    looked into getting tickets, but most of them are already sold out.
    I've heard you can get 'em for $150 from Ticketmaster on Dec 11, but
    everytime I call those guys I get stuck on hold and it just drives me
    nuts. I'm thinking I might just hang out in the blimp, or maybe just
    over Fonoti's shoulder and count pancakes; I kind of relate to those
    big guys."

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    ????? and your point would be.....??[​IMG]
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    Hey Husker

    Understand this. LSU didn't beat UT for you or to screw up the BCS. LSU beat UT because we wanted it more. We played harder. We played cleaner. We had better coaching. We never quit. And, we wanted to be SEC Champs!!

    I could careless about Nebraska, and think the BCS is a joke for sending someone who couldn't even win their conference, hell couldn't even get into the Championship Game, to play for the National Championship. What a joke, Nebraska should not be anywhere near the Rose Bowl!!

    If I had my druthers, which of course I don't, Oregon would be going to the Rose Bowl, a one loss team that WON their conference. So Nebraska, go play in the Rose Bowl, but don't think LSU did you any favors, and for the record, I think that at best Nebraska is the fifth best team in the SEC!!

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