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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by AtlantaVol, Aug 14, 2001.

  1. AtlantaVol

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    Nice to see another SEC website, even if it is a Tiger site! :)

    Can't wait for the UT / LSU game, what a barnburner that will be! Should be super entertainment. I'll stop by to razz you guys a little when our game gets closer, til then good luck.
  2. Unregistered

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    Did you say JAMBALAYA?

    I'll do it! Hope it's a BIG sign! :)

    Tiger fans and Vol fans respect each other and all are looking forward to what should be a slobberknocker stompfest, with the biggest hits of the year. Whatever you pay for the ticket ... you'll get your money's worth!

    Welcome to Knoxville, hope to see you and get to sample a bit of that Cajun food!

    By the way ... you DO know, of course, that the $14 million purchase price of the Louisiana Territory in the 1800's was like this -- $1 million for the actual land, and $13 million for all those good Cajun recipes!!! I can believe it!


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