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    Oct 14, 2002
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    this is kockrobin from aiken s.c. home of horse racing among other things. augusta is just across the river, now that should tell you where i am from. been a GAMECOCK long before you sent us the revered paul dietzel. that has been a long time ago. since you came from nowhere to win the title last year, we had hopes of doing the same this year. however, however things just has been laid on the ground to much for us to do this by ourselves. we need a little help to accomplish our goals. :D we are going to need a few more days of rest to bring our A game to town, so could we do this maybe on a monday when most of your fans will be at work? probably not ,huh? well warm up the chilli. we will be there soon. thanks
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    Jan 14, 2002
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    Wrong state for Chilli, need to drive a few more hours to Texas for that. I want some BarbQue from S.C. I had some of the best of my life in Columbia. Around "Three Points" or something like that. Great downtown area. Cannot remember the place, but I know it was close to campus. I had LSU stuff on and everyone was very very nice.

    Louisiana has cornered the market on quality eats so when you get here. Come hungry. I suggest you try Mike Andersons for seafood. But I can vouch I ate well in Columbia. I cannot say enough how much I love Columbia. Not as much as Baton Rouge my home, (I live in Texas but I am no Texan...)

    Welcome. Come back often

    Geaux Tigers

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