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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by JoeReckless, Mar 21, 2006.

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    Possibly, but we lose a lot of senior leadership there. We don't have the depth we used to. It's way to early to say that they will be much improved. They may not be any better & could in fact be worse than last year.

    I think they will be even better than last year, but our schedule isn't optimized for a NC run - so I'm not sure if the win/loss record will reflect that or not.

    I think one great thing Miles does is to help a team establish their own leadership. He has a unity council made of the team's leaders and really seems to put the team's leaders in a position to help the team succeed. I think we will establish some great leadership.
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    I am wondering if the AU offense has really taken a step back or if Muschamp is just that good of a coach. 16 sacks in one scrimmage, and the 1st team O had 14 yards rushing in the A-Day game. His comment was something like, "other than 1 big play we did pretty good, we have something to build on."

    I am glad Gibbs left, now CTT may not be afraid to let CAB play the entire game. CWM has a major attitude and it is starting to rub off on the team. I don't think that CTT is worried anymore about an offensive mistake costing AU a game. Muschamp is creating a belief that he can stop anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
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    Damn it, I'm going to hate playing against Muschamp, seeing him fired up when the Auburn defense makes a play. :(
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    For this reason alone will LSU be the undisputed #1 team should they finish undefeated...

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