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    Practice Noted

    1. I love practice notes, this is great.

    2. Not glad to see that Nick was disappointed at the shape some these guys were in, last year he was pretty happy with just about everyone. Hopefully the tests today will show better results.

    3. Was surprised Max Holmes was one of the guys grayshirting, but I think it will be good for him in that it will give him an extra year of maturity and still allow him to have 5 years to play 4. Now they cannot practice with the team at all during the fall, is that correct?

    4. Was also surprised to see that Wroten, Highsmith and Mario were able to be charged to the 2003 class as I thought that class was pretty full. This stuff gets more confusing all the time.

    5. No mention was made of Child, guess he is still on the team. seems as though that would have come up when Edwards name came up if he were a goner.

    6. I hope Luke Sanders can get with it very quick, he was one of the frosh that I thought would have an impact maybe this season, especially on special teams.

    7. Guess they haven't ruled on Joseph yet, which I'm sure we all expected since the ir was no announcement of it.

    8. I was expecting to also here of some other schollarship players transferring out like last season, surprising.

    9. I wonder if BE leaving opens the door for Spadoni to see more action?

    10. I wonder if his bug bite will give Herman a reprieve form having to run all those sprints???

    God I am finally a happy man!!!
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    Gray shirts cannot practice because they cannot even enroll at LSU until 2005 in order to count against next year.

    With a low number of academic casualties and transfers, how close is Nick to the 85-scholarship limit? Someone here calculated we were five or six bodies over the line in Spring.

    The Advocate mentions the incoming transfers status.

    Some Tigers Report Heavy

    NEW FACES: Two former Louisiana high school stars, defensive lineman Chase Pittman and defensive back Sammy Joseph, are the best-known transfers on the fall roster. Pittman played at Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport and is a sophomore transfer from Texas.

    Joseph, a graduate of Shaw High in Marrero, was at Colorado for two seasons before deciding to play at LSU. He is also a sophomore.

    Thomas Bachman of Texas Tech, a former wide receiver at Evangel, expects to join the Tigers when classes begin Aug. 23. He played in 2002 as a true freshman and redshirted in 2003 because of an injury. All three must sit out the 2004 season because of transfer rules.

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