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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by N.C.Tiger, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. N.C.Tiger

    N.C.Tiger Just an Ole LSU PawPaw

    Everyone knows I'm Boonite from up in N.C and chat with all during football games, so this year I booked plane and we have two tickets to Texas kickoff in Houston, but found out I have a cancer and just took round 1 of chemo last Thursday, will take another Sept 3 ( so I would be back. But has anyone had anything like this happen to any close relatives, I need to know if I should avoid flight and crowds until this is cleared up. Any knowledgeable people on this please chime in.... I really want to go, but health issues are most important. Geaux Tigers
  2. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    Wow, man, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Perseverance and positivity will get you through it.

    While undergoing chemo, you will likely be immune suppressed and energy depleted. Thus, you will be susceptible to infection. Traveling by plane to a football game will expose you to thousands of strangers, many who are likely to be carrying something. I would stay home, watch it on TV, and let your body deal with all that you will be going through without adding unnecessary other challenges.
  3. uscvball

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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis and prayers to you from California. That said, what does your doctor think? After that I think things to consider would be your WBC, your overall physical outlook, and your mental well-being. If your WBC is okay, if you are feeling good, and going to a game would lift your spirits, then why not go?

    I have had friends and family who have traveled and not traveled and it seemed to be a very individual decision.
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  4. N.C.Tiger

    N.C.Tiger Just an Ole LSU PawPaw

    I have heard this and health is main concern, but was kinda hoping there was a good safe way to make it , but there is always next year, thanks Paradise
  5. N.C.Tiger

    N.C.Tiger Just an Ole LSU PawPaw

    Uscv, I guess oncologist is my answer, but I sure didn't want to tell her about it. She says no to everything, like a wife haha
  6. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    Our thoughts are with you NC. Fight it like a TIGER!
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  7. COTiger

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    Follow the advice of your doctor. Best of luck to you.
  8. N.C.Tiger

    N.C.Tiger Just an Ole LSU PawPaw

    I guess you guys are right, I will run it by her , if she says no, I guess I'll see you on the board game night....
  9. uscvball

    uscvball Veteran Member

    A doctor will never tell you to go...liability and all. And yet YOU are the patient, it's ultimately your decision, so do what you believe is right. What does your heart tell you? You can never go wrong there Boone Tiger.

    Geaux Tigers and Fight On!
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  10. furduknfish

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    Your health comes first buddy for you and love ones.
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