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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Unregistered, Sep 1, 2002.

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    congratulations lswho fans,'
    once again, your faithful has disgraced your entire school and state. starting a fight with virginia tech fans, that makes the whole sec look bad folks. why did lswho even start out with a great team like virginia tech anyway? why didn't the OTHER TIGERS start off at home with a team like uab? oh i'm sorry, i almost forgot, lswho can't even beat uab either.
  2. Hmmm - gutless wonder.

    Why don't you sign your name to those words?
  3. Texastigers

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    Dont sweat it, evertime we lost the Little Aubies get all excited and come here and post nameless posts. The are infatuated with us.

    The fact is, they try to find some school that can offset the behavior of their coach and fan base. So as soon as some LSU fans mess up they jump all over it.

    Look at the bright side. We may have had a black Sunday (fans and team), but we have a future (Having already committed 5 top 100 in the nation). Saban will fix our team again, and as fans we need to find the few idiots and fix them.

    Auburn and Tubby are on a downward spiral to Vandy-like land so the relish in the few failures of the the team the last kick their butts. Oh wait, I forgot UNC did to, and Bama, and.. on and on ..and on..

    Geaux Tigers.
  4. Nah - not sweating it.

    Gutless people are just a pet peeve of mine.
  5. bige24

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    I wouldn't be talking junk. The first thing I read on the Auburn board was Purple Jungle crying and complaining about LSU's loss and taking it out on Auburn fan's just as you said Auburn fan's did. Get a life and some class. war damn eagle
  6. Texastigers

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    Just curious their Aubie. Why are you here ?? Aren't you guys about to play USC ???

    Also why would Purple and Gold be on Auburns Board talking about LSU, some LSU fan if the first place the go is Auburn. I went there once, good lord talk about silly, every other post is Alabama this, LSU that.
    Should you not be worried about USC, or the multiple games you lost last year when LSU was running over you to an SEC title. Or that beating you took from Alabama 31-7

    Go back to your little Aubie board, talk about your coach and start discussing who will replace him when he continues to run you guys into the ground.

    Yes we had a bad day, some of our fans made idiots of themselves. Today is a bad day for us. But dont take it out on us because We have an SEC title and Saban on our sidelines and you have back to back to back beatings to finish the year including a blowout loss to the one team you "Cannot lose to"

    Dude, answer me this, why are Auburn fans more interested in what Alabama and LSU are doing all the time ?

    Personally, like the rest of the SEC. We all find Auburn funny and cute. Your coach is a joke and we are about as interested in Auburn as we are the WNBA.

    If Purple and Gold goes to Auburn boards to discuss LSU Football. Then he is another Auburn fan who is preoccupied with LSU.
    I find Auburn boards boring. I can only read so many Alabama jokes before the interest is lost.

    Please go away and back to Auburn. Try to win a game and get back to us.

    But man all we have is Auburn fans coming over here and showing their class (Except for Chuck)

    It just amazes me.
  7. bige24

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    LOL if you can read I wrote purple jungle...not purple gold...or whatever...got a little news for ya. auburn's running the table on the west this year. We'll be seeing UT in the champ game. Get a life you whore.
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    hey texas,
    answer this question: how in the name of the good lord can lswho lose to uab at home, and at night? yes, i must confess that the alabama loss at home was both embarassing and humiliating last year, just as seeing your pathetic tigers win the sec championship last year. however, last year was last year. lswho is a joke and always has been. it's so funny, one sec championship and the faithful on the bayou thinks that their program is so above anyone else's. yeah auburn's a joke you jerk, i bet you weren't saying that in 99 when we canned lswho 41-7 in your own backyard. you lost to uab at home, never forget that. we don't lose to conference usa teams jerk! uab is the fourth best team in our state and lswho can't even beat them. please, and while we're at it, i must say that it's less embarassing losing to alabama than it is to losing to ole miss. we beat the #1 team in the nation last year. florida owns lswho! i think that virginia tech today proved to the entire nation what auburn fans have known all along since last december: lsu in 2001 was a fluke. please, 8-3 and in the sec championship game? please, the only reason that you were there is because the entire sec west had a down year in 2001. honestly, consider this, if lswho were in the east last year, they would have been in fifth place in that division behind tennessee, florida, south carolina, and georgia. they were lucky to be in such a mediocre division. here's a piece of advice for lswho fans in the future, start beating us year in and year out and then you can talk a little smack. one win last year at home isn't gonna do it. lswho has never been a consistent team. and about nick satan, the guy's just buying time until the next nfl coaching job opens up. he'll be gone before you know it. he just took the lswho job to get his name out there coaching sec football. auburn fans are not obsessed with lswho. please get over yourself! why would we be obsessed with a team that we have a winning record against over the last twenty years? and while we're at it, this is how you spell a certain word that you often hear when attending a college football game: GO, not Geaux. This is America, not France.
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    are you lswho fans still obsessed with the 41-7 loss to us in 99 and the tubberville cigar smoking incident? please, get over it. hey is the fighting tiger band planning on inciting a fight with another field goal kicker again this year? here's what kills me, last year, your worthless band started a fight with damon duval, all 140 pounds of him and they leave the field with their fists held high in the air like those olympic team members in 1968. wow, how courageous! historians will be talking about their courage 200 years from now like they talk about alexander the great or napolean. lol!
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    Wow - I pitty you...wish I had your kind of free time.

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