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Hoops Recruting (2013)

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by mrgreen21, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Tom Callender

    Tom Callender Veteran Member

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if any new names have surfaced that have a interest in LSU Basketball? SEC play is next for LSU heres hoping they can break even in the conference.
  2. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    I don't think any new names have popped up, it seems as if the focus is on Keith Frazier to finish this class out. Of course that doesn't mean then staff doesnt have anyone else on their radar...I saw an article on rivials this summer that listed CJJ and staff as the most visible during the summer events...CJJ is putting in work.

    Yesterday Madison Prep (Jerrell Martin) played Scotlandville (Damion Jones, Brian Bridgewater and Jerrod Sam...All D1 prospects). Scottlandville Won 73-70 but Martin had the best individual game with 26 pts, 10 rbs and 3 blk. Sounds like it was a very physical game with players having to take plays off to get patched up...

    some grainy video

    Tim Quaterman putting in work going off for 28 in his last game

    Another game with a nice stat line for Tim Q... "Tim Quarterman led the Atom Smashers with 18 points, eight assists and four steals."

    "6-5 2013 CG Tim Quarterman (Savannah Johnson) - The LSU signee had a strong overall floor game scoring 18 points, eight assist, six rebounds and four steals in a win against Keenan. TQ was very good at attacking the basket, utilizing his size to finish or find cutting teammates. Defensively, with his length and anticipation, he disrupted Keenan's offense."

    Mickey doing work also...Then it was the play of Mickey that was the capper for Prime Prep. The 6-foot-7 LSU signee was all over the court with his leaping abilities and energy, as he finished with 13 points and 13 boards in the win. Whether it was sprinting the court to block a shot, grabbing a rebound in traffic, or finishing off a pick and roll for a dunk, Mickey was the lead-by-example influence that helped propel his team to a win, along with Mudiay.

    Deng Deng putting up not great but solid numbers... 10 pts 7rbs
  3. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast

  4. Tom Callender

    Tom Callender Veteran Member

    Well Gang I went to the Florida game & although we played hard I was a little disappointed in our performance. I dont think we will have to worry about O'Bryant leaving early. He had a really tough game & has a long way to go to be a above average player. Florida is a good team & probably had a lot to do with our performance but our rebounding was very bad & shooting was worse. To be honest I was expecting more playing at home & on ESPN. I hope we can do better in our other home games but Im already looking forward to next year. We sure need a big guard who can shoot over these zone defenses we are seeing..
  5. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    At this point no and it is rumored that CJJ and staff may let him stay at Lee Collage two years to let him develop
  6. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Quick update on our future Tigers...Tim Quaterman lit up Oak Hill for 35pts... If you know anything about Oak Hill you also know that's pretty impressive (Oak Hill is kinda like the Duke of high school basketball). It was said that Quarterman was the best player on the court

    Jarrell Martin rebounded from a 2pt outing (everybody has an off night) to put up 26pts 9rbs and 2 blks
  7. Tom Callender

    Tom Callender Veteran Member

    With the lack of success so far this season I was just browsing the recruiting sites & kinda looking forward to next year. These rumors I have read about Keith Frazier must be just that (rumors). While he lists around 17 teams of interest LSU is not one of them & is not listed as a team that has offered him a scholarship. Seems that if LSU were really in the mix someone would know if a offer was made. I'm just a wishing but don't see any hope with that.???
  8. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    You really cant go by the list you see on the recruiting services, they don't update them often...That being said, the word of Frazier is that LSU is out...Story goes, he recently had child and would like to stay in Texas... Texas, A&M and SMU round out his list with SMU being his leader

    I'd be happy to have Frazier but I'm very happy with what the staff has been able to do this year...Tim Quartarman with what we already have will give us a very solid back court... I think they big guys coming in are really going to push JOBIII. Right now JOB is going to start and he doesnt have to look over his shoulder to worry about playing time. One thing that has been consistent when reading about Martin and Mickey, they are both said to be work horses! John Odo avg 14rbs and I think 4 or 5blks in JUCO so it seems as tho hard work is not a stranger to him...I hope we pull things together this year but next year is looking better and better!
  9. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Mickey update
    "The duo continued its reign with two great outings in Dayton, culminating with Mickey's 29-point performance on Monday night. Mickey has everything a coach wants in a power forward; he's athletic, plays with a high motor and is one of the tougher players on the circuit. Add that he can shoot the mid-range shot, is good in the transition game and might eventually be versatile enough to play some wing and you're looking at an elite prospect nationally that should help the Tigers in year one."
  10. TGer'nLHornLand

    TGer'nLHornLand Founding Member


    I can count on you for the scoop! Yes, Rivals recently has been highlighting LSU signee Jordan Mickey ...


    Let's just say, I'm pretty jazzed about all of these guys... you read a lot on Quarterman and Martin, but Mickey also deserves his praise. Basically, Rivals writes him up as a very athletic good jumper, but also versatile 6-8 PF who has to play down low because of his high school team/circuit but who can play on the perimeter some too. Basically, he's a glass-eating machine with.... a very good shot stroke. When Rivals mentions Mickey's free-throw shooting, I get excited. What this team needs is more depth not only hitting the glass, but being a true scoring threat down low. Remember that while JOB was a McDAA, his low post presence still lacks what Bass/Davis would have given us down low. O'Bryant is still learning his low post moves, and he's got to improve his FT shooting to truly become effective. What I see is Mickey really being that more effective post opposite O'Bryant, or even opposite Odoh, if JOB needs a breather. Mickey can score on the blocks with his aggression and athleticism, and he can pop out. I see Martin probably doing much of the same, but perhaps more of an outside in slasher than Mickey.

    You think about a starting/back up rotation of Hickey, Collins, Quarterman (1), Stringer, Morgan, Quarterman (2), Coleman/Hammink, Martin (3), O'Bryant, Mickey/Martin (4) and Odoh/O'Bryant (5) next year, and I practically am besides myself.

    For the rest of 2013, about the only thing I think you could wish for is a true big, with a nice shot and more beef down low, or a perimeter scorer to compete with our 2s and provide depth for the future. At this stage with Frazier likely staying in TX (which I agree was likely his destination ultimately), any guy at this stage would be an under the radar guy or a JUCO. The Deng Deng situation is interesting to watch... not sure he cracks the line up with Martin, Mickey, O'Bryant and Odoh... 2014 sets up nicely with A LOT of perimeter players on the radar.

    Sounds like Mickey's teammate Emmanuel Mudiay (2014 PG) is one that CJJ is watching and talking to as well.

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