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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by 65Grad, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Wild Tiger with Shep in motion and Ridley taking the snap!:wink:
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    I like that idea. Here is what is the problem with our "option" play. First of all, in order to run the option the QB HAS to commit to the option. He has to be ready to take a hit from the DE whether he pitches it or keeps it. JJ is NOT committed to the option and our coaches do not want him to be committed to it either, since we are thin at QB. So, JJ starts the option too far in the backfield and does not run off the rear ends of his OL. It is doomed from the start. Which begs the question, "why even run it?" IF we are going to run the option, why not do so with a QB comfortable running the option. We have several converted QB's on our team who could run the option very effectively: R Shepard, R Randle, S Ware, Mo Claiborne, just to name a few. Our option play keeps no one "honest". I would rather see a RB run 5 times more per game than see the option, as we currently run it.

    I think IF Lee does not get into the game, we are going to have to take one of these converted QB's, like Shepard and run the wild cat with the "chance" they may pass it. Our TRUE playmaker on Offense is Ruben Randle. I think we need more ways to get him the ball. He is much closer to a Percy Harvin than is Shepard. Both are electric and exciting......... we are lucky to have them both............. now, if we only could get a QB to really get them the ball..
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    Wild Tiger with Randle in motion and Peterson taking the snap!

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