How much will it cost to re-hire Saban?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tiger_fan, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. fanatic

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    I have to disagree with that. Not sure who is #2 - maybe Chip Kelly - but I don't think it's C.U.M.
  2. LaSalleAve

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  3. ThePhenom74

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    I hate Little Nicky but he is clearly the best coach in the game. Im not sure who Id put at second. I dont think its Meyer. He is very good but without Tebow and Harvin he didnt do much. He had the talent but couldnt win so he QUIT on UF. At OSU he doesnt have much competition so he will be able to walk into some national title games.

    What proves how good he is, is how many players he lost from last years team. Look at LSU next year with all we are losing. Miles will NOT have LSU anywhere near where they were this year. I hope Im wrong but Ive lost faith in him. Until he finds his Lesiticles LSU will be behind Bama and maybe even aTm.
  4. Attack Tiger

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    It would cost us our souls and our self-respect.

    If we hired $aban back, I'd burn all my LSU stuff with a tear in my eye and eschew college football forever.
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  5. Kal-El012

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    He learned he couldnt treat paid athletes the way he treats young men in college. Once he learned that lesson, he knew he had to return to college. If he returns to the pros. It will be as a general manager or some front office job where he would get to pull all the strings. That would probably be the next challenge for him. Coaching in the NFL isn't going to be something he wants anymore in my opinion.
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  6. lsudolemite

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    Saban is without a doubt a fantastic college coach. But context is needed here. If Nick didn't have a lot of dominos fall in place for him during the last weeks of several seasons, he doesn't get 3 of those 4 NC's. On top of that Bama's recent East schedule can only be described as a joke, as it conveniently will be next year.
  7. Attack Tiger

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    Hard to open some people's eyes to this. Saban's shining star is too blinding for some, I guess.
  8. ehusson80

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    Ya'll can roast me all you want: I would trade Les for Saban in a heartbeat! I think Saban is an ass and I hate him based on the fact that he coaches for a division rival and ruined our perfect season. I'm just being honest.
  9. LaSalleAve

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    True, ole Saban has had more breaks than Kurtis Blow.
  10. Kal-El012

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    Leslie has had quite a few himself.

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