How much will it cost to re-hire Saban?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Tiger_fan, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Agreed, but a simple "fire the bum" isn't always the answer. I just wish we could get Cutcliffe to run the O.
  2. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Veteran Member

    QB coach maybe, offensive coordinator, dont know if I would trust him.
  3. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    maybe clm will bring in tyke tolbert and keep the porn stache thing going.
  4. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    FWIW, Shula was 6-6 in the regular season in 2006 (final record 6-7 but he didn't coach bowl game) and more importantly 2-6 in SEC play.

    That same group of players you're referring to were better in his first year, but still finished the season 7-6, 4-4 in conference play.

    If you look at the two loss season of 2008, while there were some of Shula's recruits still in place, they benefited from the development they received over three off seasons of work.

    As to who wins the SEC next season? Anyone forecasting that right now is basing their opinions on little, if anything.
  5. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    they will be of the traditional top half (UA, AU, UF, UGA, LSU), swap USC for UT, and add TAMU.

    they will have a returning qb. (same list as above--that may be a first)

    they will not have a new coach (scratch AU)

    they will have an easier SEC schedule (UA, UGA, USC or TAMU).

    i can narrow it to 4.
  6. TerryP

    TerryP Founding Member

    The list wouldn't have included A&M if the same thought was posed this time last year.

    AU? Seriously? UofSC? Losing half of their two deep on defense. UGA will be looking at a defense losing at least seven. UF? I'm still not sure what that team is all about.

    A lot of questions, too early to speculate.
  7. Eliminator55

    Eliminator55 May Bastions of Sanity Rain Down upon Les Miles.

    Much too your dismay as well as others, I've never really found TigerDropping very engaging. I've spoken with other people who frequent those forums and haven't really visited here. That's not a knock to TigerDroppings, just my experience.
  8. Eliminator55

    Eliminator55 May Bastions of Sanity Rain Down upon Les Miles.

    It's great that you and many others view this as the "golden age" of LSU football. But, referring to this as the "golden age" of LSU football is sort of settling for our state of chronic underachievement. It may be the most successful era of LSU football by a sizable margin and many of us are too young to vividly recall the horrific periods that were prevalent earlier on. Even taking that into consideration, I'm just not willing to label this as the "golden age". There's nothing wrong with you and other like-minded persons doing so. I wish that I felt the same. It's just not there though.
  9. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Yea, 2 titles to Bama's 3 in 10 years just fucking sucks.
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  10. Eliminator55

    Eliminator55 May Bastions of Sanity Rain Down upon Les Miles.

    We're all entitled at the very least to draw our own assumptions, incorrect as they may be. My age partly inhibits the breadth of my association as an LSU fan. No doubt, my following of LSU football is minute compared to so many of you that have spent decades alongside LSU football. My history as a fan has been briefly mentioned before. Regardless, I will list a bit of scant info below.

    My attendance of LSU home games is limited to approximately a few games during DinArdo's tenure. While I rarely went to the games, we always were heavily in tune with LSU football. Back then SEC football wasn't media juggernaut that it has been morphed into in recent years. DVRs weren't really utilized at the time. So when we were unable to view the game on live TV, we would always tune into WJBO for the radio coverage. Official radio coverage of LSU football was changed to another station at some point. I don't recall the new station that aired LSU football. For me, it's been a quiet long ago.

    Understand that I'm not drawing comparisons between my extremely thin experiences as fan and the lengthy allegiance of the many fans that populate this forum.

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