How was the parking for the game?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Ellis Hugh, Sep 9, 2002.

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    Oct 23, 2001
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    tigersaint it was not that bad at all. im a student here and i went walking around at 11 and there were plenty of spots open all over camppus. In the field behind the softball fields and the field house there were plenty of places to park. Emmeret is a di*k for what he did but i didn't think it was that bad. What bothers me is how there are cops all over campus harrassing people of every little thing. personally i liked it when Lsu was known as a party school but i think thats just because im a student. anyways Ellis if you get there before noon you should have no problem finding a spot to tailgate
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    Aug 9, 2001
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    I thought all of those lots around the field house are permit parking only.
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    Oct 21, 2001
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    I too at first was concerned about the parking/tailgating delima. However, I found it quite nice to be able to park the car, on campus mind you. Sure we had to get there a little earlier than usual, but that was no biggie. And without all the cars on the grass jammed in around the indian mounds and brousard hall like previous years, we actually were able to spread out a little and visit with friends, throw the football, and of course on Saturday try and stay dry.

    I also was able to visit several friends we were still able to park around Coates Hall, and along the Ag Center road. The people I visited with and hung out with during Saturday all said they set up a little earlier, but that they had no trouble getting on campus nor finding a place to park. We got to campus about 10:00am and set up. We only had to walk about 30 feet from Dalrymple to the grass by the Indian Mounds. It wasn't that bad, but I understand the complaints and obviously there was not nearly as many people tailgating for The Citadel in the rain as there will be for South Carolina on a nice fall day, but things change. With continued success and a larger stadium more and more people will be going to the games, and some rules need to be put in place. Yes the "Save the Oak Tree" sounds like a croc of $hit, but there is some truth to that.

    I think there is still plenty of activity and tailgating on the LSU campus on Saturday, and I don't think Bertman or Emmert are out to destroy LSU Tailgating, believe it or not I think they are trying to improve the situation as a whole. Time will tell how the Tiger Transit works out, but for now I am actually glad to have a little more room on the grass for chairs, tables, tents, and BBQ pits as opposed to Excursions, Suburbans, and Explorers.

    Just my opinion as a faithful LSU tailgater.
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    Enough of the BS

    If you think you can use tailgating from this past weekend as a barometer of what to except you need to go get back under your rock. There was no turnout and I think for the following reasons:

    1) Many fans, still in the dumps over the deplorable performance at Va Tech, weren't motivated to go to the game.........I made that long trip and it came in to mind not to go Saturday but my faith took over.
    2) The damn rain. The rain coupled with #1 to me was probably the big killer
    3) Playing the Citadel. I don't think the opponent was that big of a factor. It was the home opener for crying out loud!:mad: But some "fair weather's" used it as an excuse.

    I tailgate with TigerSaint and can tell you they have screwed the pooch in the area where we tailgate...near the Indian Mounds, i just have a little different angle than TS. I don't mind the walk to the car. But what i do mind is having to lug the 500 lbs of stuff to our spot. All i would have liked was to be able to drive up "near" the spot and drop the stuff and leave.......but no......LSU pulled the typical bureacratic BS to "solve" the tailgating "problems". Close the roads so they won't park. The smart thing for LSU to do (that's contradictory) would be to tell the people don't park on the trees. You might say that would take too much man power.....I disagree. The 3 occifers who used the barricade blocking the street as an arm rest for 10 hours time could have spent that 10 hours patroling their street saying "hey you can't park here"...if they don't move it tow it.

    Well back to my weightlifting.....I've got 50 more reps to get in to be ready for this weekend.

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