how would you feel about play South Florida???

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerLifer3, Feb 11, 2003.

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    Dec 9, 2002
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    I hate playing the damm cupcake teams from lowly conferences like the Sun Belt. I'm sorry but teams like Utah State, ULM and Western Carolina don't appeal to me much. I am sick and tired of going to games that end up 48-0. I say we can still play easier teams but from major conferences. How about teams like Indiana from the Big 10, Baylor from the Big 12, or Cinci from C-USA. We can still have easy wins but at least the teams come from a respectable conference. It would be nice to play a team from a major conference. Another thing is we should not play any other team from LA except for Tulane and I say bring back the yearly rivalry game. PLEASE SCHEUDLE BETTER GAMES.
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    Oct 23, 2001
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    instead of playing ull or ulm i would rather play mcneese. i know they are 1aa but they beat ulm in monroe last year and could have beaten ull easily. they almost beat a&m two years ago, only lost to nebraska 38-14 this year.

    I would like to see us schedule two tough out of conference games a year. I don't consider zona a tough out of conference game even if it is at there place. i think one of the games should be a&m and the other from teams like vtech, fla. state etc. i wouldn't mind playing texas, usc, or miami too because we would get exposure there and could possibly land big recruits from there.

    Our program is on the rise and to be the best we have to beat the best. i realize we play a tough conf. schedule but we have to play top notch teams to be ready for it.jmho
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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Does anyone have the schedule's of the teams in the SEC who have won the national title since we split to Divisional Play? Bama, Tenn and UF have won titles. Does anyone have their schedules for the years they won it all? I want to look at their out of conference games.
  4. MikeD

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    9/5 vs. *Vanderbilt (4-7) W 25 8
    9/12 vs. Southern Mississippi (7-4) W 17 10 @ Birmingham, AL
    9/19 vs. *Arkansas (3-7-1) W 38 11 @ Little Rock, AR
    9/26 vs. Louisiana Tech (5-6) W 13 0 @ Birmingham, AL
    10/3 vs. *South Carolina (5-6) W 48 7
    10/10 @ Tulane (2-9) W 37 0
    10/17 @ *Tennessee (9-3) W 17 10
    10/24 vs. *Mississippi (9-3) W 31 10
    11/7 @ *Louisiana State (2-9) W 31 11
    11/14 @ *Mississippi State (7-5) W 30 21
    11/26 vs. *Auburn (5-5-1) W 17 0 @ Birmingham, AL
    12/5 vs. *Florida (9-4) W 28 21 @ Birmingham, AL SEC Championship
    1/1 vs. Miami (Florida) (11-1) W 34 13 @ New Orleans, LA Sugar Bowl

    9/5 @ Syracuse (8-4) W 34 33
    9/19 vs. *Florida (10-2) W 20 17
    9/26 vs. Houston (3-8) W 42 7
    10/3 @ *Auburn (3-8) W 17 9
    10/10 @ *Georgia (9-3) W 22 3
    10/24 vs. *Alabama (7-5) W 35 18
    10/31 @ *South Carolina (1-10) W 49 14
    11/7 vs. Alabama-Birmingham (4-7) W 37 13
    11/14 vs. *Arkansas (9-3) W 28 24
    11/21 vs. *Kentucky (7-5) W 59 21
    11/28 @ *Vanderbilt (2-9) W 41 0
    12/5 vs. *Mississippi State (8-5) W 24 14 @ Atlanta, GA SEC Championship
    1/4 vs. Florida State (11-2) W 23 16 @ Tempe, AZ Fiesta Bowl

    8/30 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (5-6) W 55 21
    9/7 vs. Georgia Southern (non-IA) W 62 14
    9/21 @ *Tennessee (10-2) W 35 29
    9/28 vs. *Kentucky (4-7) W 65 0
    10/5 @ *Arkansas (4-7) W 42 7
    10/12 vs. *Louisiana State (10-2) W 56 13
    10/19 vs. *Auburn (8-4) W 51 10
    11/2 vs. *Georgia (5-6) W 47 7 @ Jacksonville, FL
    11/9 @ *Vanderbilt (2-9) W 28 21
    11/16 vs. *South Carolina (6-5) W 52 25
    11/30 @ Florida State (11-1) L 21 24
    12/7 vs. *Alabama (10-3) W 45 30 @ Atlanta, GA SEC Championship
    1/2 vs. Florida State (11-1) W 52 20 @ New Orleans, LA Sugar Bowl
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    hmm, all have weak out of conference schedules. UF and UT's championships are under the current BCS system while Bama's was under the "pure bowl" system. Looks like LSU is headed in the right direction with their scheduling of one major conference foe per year. Granted we would likely have to run the table, but it's doable with the tough SEC schedule to get the bonus and power ratings in the BCS. I think having a Conference Title game can help us if we go in with one loss since the East Champion would likely we strong and possibly give us a boost if we beat them.

    This year I beleive schedule wise would be the "easiest" to run the table and take it all the way because we get a couple key SEC games in Baton Rouge(UGA,Auburn and Florida). But I still beleive we are another year or two away from competing for a National Title. 2004's schedule is hellish, we have UGA, Auburn and UF all on the road in three consecutive weeks!! I beleive we will have more talent on the 2004 team than the 2001 Sec Championship team. But those road games will be killer. But who knows, maybe we can pull an Ohio State style run. They went from 3rd or 4th in the Big10 to the National Title. Oh how I would love to see a national title game in the Sugar Bowl with LSU playing. If LSU won, I beleive Tiger fans would trash most of downtown New Orleans in a wild party that would last for about a week.
  6. Bengal B

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    looked it up myself on the historical scores site:

    but I seem to remember that Alabama had one loss to somebody that year. I do remember for sure that while Miami was ranked # 1 the Tide was only ranked 4th or 5th going into the Sugar Bowl and that they were a huge underdog. I believe that one or two of the teams ranked ahead of them lost their bowl games and the Sugar Bowl upset made Alabama the National Champs I know its there in black and white that they were undefeated but I can't imagine an undefeated Alabama team being ranked any lower than #2 going into the bowl game. I do also remember that the Sugar Bowl was not promoted as an NC game unless Miami won. Is it possible that the Historical Scores site is in error? Either way it was a great win for Gene Stallings, one of the Junction Boys surviviors Hey - How about a season for the reality show Survivior where the contestants are put in a Junction Boys scenario. Maybe the winner would get an all expense paid 2 weeks in Hawaii with the Bachelorette
  7. chuck

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    Jan 10, 2002
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    Bengal B -

    not to be flame . .

    But I know that Alabama did not have a loss that year and am fairly confident they were #2 going into the game with the winner being dubbed NC. You are accurate in that they were heavy underdogs.

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