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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by HalloweenRun, Nov 27, 2010.

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    An LSU fan loves LSU Football. You are not a fan if all you love is the team's record. The record should mean nothing, zip, zilch, nada. If you think the team sucks but you still love them, you are an LSU fan.

    A lot of the delusional people on the board, those that thought a team that frequently was not even good, was a NC contender, probably think they are better fans, but they are not. They are simply delusional.

    I love LSU football. I am most upset, not about today’s loss, but that the season is all but over. I love seeing those white, gold, and purple uniforms run down the field. It thrills me after all these years.

    I would have liked to have been 12-0 but I would not have been a bigger or a better fan. Maybe a little happier, but not a bigger fan. Those kinds of fans are dime a dozen, and worth about that much.

    Forget the record, I am not sure we even had a good team this year. In 720 minutes of football, how many minutes of good, if not great, offense did we play… 45 minutes, maybe? An hour? Two?

    The outside runs of Ole Miss and Auburn killed our “great” defense, and the bulk of R-Kansas O-line ate our fast, but not fast enough sometimes, guys up. I stated earlier that kicking field goals would not win the SEC. Having a good field goal game is a backhanded complement if there ever was one. I would much rather have a terrible field goal guy, who chokes cause he lacks game situation practice.

    Our quarterback situation is terminal. If that does not get magically better we are in for more of the same next year. The Offense play calling is unimaginative, predictable, and does not leverage our talent, but I frankly I am sure I do not understand the intricacies of the game. Maybe I am missing something, but when I am home, and can pretty much call the play….play after play, there is “something wrong in River City.”

    We have so many young guys, that, contrary to past years, played a lot this year, that I am extremely optimistic for the future. But again, my love of LSU football does not hinge around the BCS championship game.

    I think we were about a 7 – 5 team, that by some method, the “Mad Hatter’s madness” if nothing else, we won more than we should have. But that is why we play the game. I never thought we were as good as many of you, and never felt Coach Miles was as bad as many of you. We done good, they done good, and he done good, when all is said and done.

    But none of that matters much.

    As long as LSU fields a team, and as long as they are the Tigers and as long as they wear that white, purple and gold, I am an LSU fan. Period.

    Geaux Tigers
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    great post, we are starting to get to many fair weather fans on this board. I myself dont post much, but have found myself posting more often. And in large part it is due to all the hate on this board. I stand by my teams, through thick and thin. To be honest, there was alot of thin this season then thick. We are 10-2, who the hell would of thought it. Geaux Tigers, now lets get ready to whoop some OOC a$$ in whatever bowl game we go to.
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    Well said brother! :geaux:
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    Great post, I needed a little perspective.
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    You are not a fan if you do not want the best for the team and the players... even if that includes not liking/agreeing with the coach. One Man is not the Team. Disliking him is not "betraying" the team. Some people around here can not make that distinction.
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    With the lack of seniors on this team we still done very well. Most of our team were made up of players with little real game experience. This lack of "been there seen that and this is what I need to do" killed us. This defense plays great fundamental football but because of inexperence they give up big plays. A couple of big plays aginst au and ark cost us the games. Just about five big plays this year cost a championship. These young players will be better with time. They deserve our respect and credit. The offense showed what they were capable of on several impressive drives this year and one hell of a second half aginst ala. They need something. They have the talent but lack the confidence , poise, leadership and coaching to achieve it. I don't blame miles for this I blame crowton. We would have lost several more games if it wasn't for the bravery and confidence of les miles taking the gambles he did. The ballesy calls he made won us close games especially aginst Florida. I'm looking forward to the bowl game. Miles doesn't lose two in a row. Hope mett comes to lsu next year and brings a new oc with him. It's been a great ride and I thank these young players for the effort they made this year and we as lsu fans should be proud. Again lsu has been in the national spotlight as a powerhouse and for thi I am proud. Geaux tigers and thankyou for making us proud.
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    Awesome post! You have to take the bad with the good. 10-2 with a respectable bowl game.... com' on guys, hold your heads up, not a bad season! I'm excited for next season too, I think there will be some appropriate changes once the season is over.
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    No. You're confused. This coach has thr best record and winning percentage in LSU history. That does not make you happy. With out a dominating offense he guided this team to 10 - 2. You are not satisfied with that. I guess the Tigers sould win the NC every year. Not realistic. Leahy at ND in the 40's won four in a row after stacking his team from the army camps of world war II a recruiting loop hole. Auburn may have mortgaged the farm to win just one crystal. If we win a crystal next year it will upset you because it should have been another coach.
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    Ok guys I'm sorry flame away if you must but seroiusly!!! We looked HORRIBLE tonight. And I say WE here for a specific reason. The team looked bad because we gave up the big plays and frankly our O was non existent. But am I the only person that fails to see the horrible clock management that occurred tonight???? I mean we were down by 2 touchdowns and there was no sense of urgency at all!!!! We took our time to the line we threw passes to the inside and just dicked around and didn't even try to conserve time. The fact that Crowten is still on the coaching staff blows my mind. This might be a drunken rant but tonight I would love to see Miles go else where and crowten get fired. We got embarrassed tonight.
  10. Uncle Milty

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    That first post is very well said, and I'm very appreciative of the honest critique of the football team. I'm in NC and my brother is in Ft. Worth. I told him early in the week that I honestly didn't think LSU had a better team than Arkansas and was going to be in deep trouble.

    I didn't envision that obscenity that happened just before halftime, but it seems that's the kind of play you get sometimes, with Coach Miles's teams.
    So be it. The year was a lot of fun, and I agree that 10-2 was probably well beyond expectations at the start of the year.

    Way to go LSU. And congrats to Arky, that was a fine win, and a great year for them as well.

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