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    that because of the impressive senior citizen turnout today, students will now only get pudding if they eat 66% of their vegetables and 78% of their meat product. This is truly a landmark decision. If you're out and about on the Northshore tonight TUwho, join us in celebration at the Talisheek VFW hall. We will be serving both types of beer, Bud and Bud Light, as well as several CrockPot masterpieces thanks to the gourmet touch of Mrs. Betsy Mcallister. Her Frito Pie is worth the trip on it's own. Since you failed to mention my other pet issue, I will bring it up now. As many do not know, I am an adamant supporter of French and especially the rights of Franco-Americans. The bill which I was giddy in supporting was titled the "Franco Verbal Abuse Reparations Bill". To put it briefly, a sin tax would be placed on all French wines and liquors with the proceeds going to support unfortunate Americans of French descent. Years of verbal trauma by our fellow Americans has caused what is now called "Post-Traumatic Heckle Syndrome". This tax will only begin to help ease the wounds caused by years of bashing by the media, Holywood, other Americans. At this time it appears this tax will pass. Look for my check in the mail by Friday!!!!! and thanks for your interest in my pet issues.
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