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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bama My Heart, Oct 25, 2004.

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    May 20, 2004
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    As a Troy fan, I had a great time Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. You could not have asked for better LSU fans than the ones that I met before and after the game. We tailgated with some before the game, and had a great time, and plan to get with them before the Bama game. There were a lot of LSU fans after the game that told us how great Troy played, and that we should be proud of our team, and that we're doing it the right way, and that we will definetly move up in Division 1. With that said, I am shocked at the way some of you fans are talking on this forum today...............you're putting down your team(hey it's always hard after a championship...you lose players, you have no where to go but down) your coach(one day he's god and now you want to get rid of him) and other fans(hey I agree it's bad to leave a game till it's over). I don't expect you to say that Troy was a contender, but you could at least mention how well we played, and that we gave you a scare. You guys were saying last week how you would beat us by 50 points.........at least give us credit that we hung in there. You had turn overs...sure, but they didn't just happen, maybe Troy's defense had a little something to do with it. I don't think anyone from Troy truly expected to win, but we all went there to enjoy the game, and the atmosphere with fans from a large program. We wanted to learn. Our team surprised us, and we are very proud, so please don't put us down, by acting like we didn't have anything to do with the way the game progressed Saturday night.
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    Your team played very well and they played with a lot of heart. We are just frustrated that this team has not gelled and they are not playing at the competitive level that our coaches or us expects. Troy is a a fine football team and the fans should be proud of how they played. :thumb:
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    I'm not surprised. Troy was supposed to be the lamb being led to slaughter in order to appease the more bloodthirsty fans among us. When the lamb failed to cooperate the masses were not pleased and demanded heads be lopped off. How dare your team not lay down and let itself be torn apart. The lamb died, but, it's just that the killing was not gruesome enough.
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    Nobody at the stadium was upset because we couldn't run on them. We were upset because of 4 gifts and 17 points off of those gifts. We were upset becuase a 5th year senior can't play consistently.
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    I was at the game and talked to some Troy folks, gave them credit and props for having such a good team.
    I knew that Troy was good since they beat a top 25 team this year which I think was

    I was surprised that we couldn't run on them, their D-line seemed to be just as good if not better than our O-line.
    Bottomline though, Just like Florida.......
    We gave them every chance to beat us with the turnovers inside our own 20.
    Without giving them those chances neither game would've been close.

    The Troy fans were a lot of fun to be around, I was in the south endzone lower level
    and we all had a good time.
    But no one expected a game quite like we got but a win is a win.
    Somehow the turnovers have to stop!
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    Oh-Oh! :)

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