I could care less about the USC situation!!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by MikebTiger, Dec 8, 2003.

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    In my humble opinion, the entire BCS bowl slate got stronger with the split marquee matchups.

    As an LSU fan, I have no problem sharing a piece of the title with USC should it come to that. I think both games should be great, and that is a great thing for the sport I love.

    i need to look into the head-to-head matchups a bit more, and i am not ready to make any off-the-cuff predictions - but as a tiger fan I have to like LSU's chances, especially considering the way they have been playing. As for USC - they could not be playing a much stronger team than Mich. USC has its work cut out.

    What an awesome time to be a Tiger!! The only thing better would be to be a student at this time.
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    Dec 1, 2003
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    I totally agree. To bad we have to hope big blue puts them in their place since we won't get that opportunity.

    This media bullshit is driving me crazy. USC would have this media circus even if Okla won outright, but the brunt of it would be directed towards LSU for being #2 in the BCS with them #2 in the Human polls and not in the NC.

    Tiger fans that are supporting a USC/LSU NC match up should remember that an Okla/LSU match up is a tougher game for LSU as we have been playing tougher teams all year. In the end the strongest 2 teams in collage football according to the BCS are in the NC. You live by the system, you die by the system.

    We played GA in a respect match - we now have it (they will be fired up for their bowl game. Very good for the SEC)

    We will play in another respect match. LSU is the only #2 BCS / #2 AP/Coaches poll team I have ever seen that gets constant bad press, wake up America the media doesn't know shit about football (it’s more than long passes and cute names for the defense “The weak bunch II”), tradition (outside their own university), or the abilities of a team of destiny.

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