I just watched the "Boom" Video again, and I got to thinking.....

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by dothantiger, May 30, 2004.

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    We will be the defending National Champions this coming football season. Whoever we play will show up playing their best game of the year....that's no doubt. HOWEVER, LSU has the greatest and craziest fans in the country. Look at the past few years. Everytime we were down, we jumped right back up and whipped @ss like never before. Now that we have the greatest coach in the country, do you believe he will let our team come out looking anything less than champs? If there ever was a team that was such a great threat after winning a National Title, this is it. Saban will have whoever our QB is ready to go. Don't worry about that. Sure, we lost a lot of players this past year, but THIS is the year that we were supposed to be one of the top contenders. It wasn't supposed to be last year! Our defense will be just as fast and powerful as it was last year. Our offense will be quick and in sync. Could it happen or is it just that I'm too pumped up right now to believe anything else?

    This summer is passing WWWAAAAAYYYY too slow.
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    Good post Dothan. I agree with you 100%.:geaux:

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