I know you think you can win...

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by F15Epilot, Nov 29, 2002.

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    Nov 28, 2002
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    But do you think you will win?

    Hog fans are notoriously overconfident (as has been noted all over this board) but I really think we are the better team right now. With home field advantage and no SEC championships yet, I think we will be more up for the game too.

    Who do LSU fans really think will win?

    Hogs 20 LSU 16

    See you after the game...
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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Uhhh...LSU? Who in hell do you think we expect to win.

    LSU 41 -Ooh La La 0 (at the half)

    Ark over Ooh La La by 7 with a saving interception at the end.

    You suck, we don't. LSU 27 - Matt Jones and nobody else 10. You heard it here first.
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    Sep 2, 2001
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    This game scares the......

    $h!t out of me. Ark is tough in Little Rock and yes you are on a roll. My initial reaction after the Ole Miss game was we didn't have a chance. But after getting through the immediate "reaction" of the Ole Miss game i feel a little more level headed.

    1) Which LSU team will show up? If it's the one that played earlier in the year the Hogs don't have a prayer. The LSU team of late then enjoy the trip to Atl. A combination of the 2 and i like LSU's chances.

    2) How will Marcus Randall play? He is the cause of some of #1 (with the exception of the Aub game i pass little blame to him). He played well his first game out in the friendly confines of Tiger Stadium against S. Car. Stunk the world up at Aub and has slowly gotten better since then. Still hasn't had a good game on the road but did not play bad at Kentucky. Is this his breakout road game? We'll see. One thing with him (and I hope this does not backfire in my face) is he has done well with not throwing Int's. Since his 4 against Aub he has not thrown one. He does need to hold onto the ball a little better when he is running it and showed signs of a little more focus in that area against Ole Miss....hopefully it'll continue. Also the damn veteran running backs need to hold onto the ball.

    3) On the road and for the SECCG? LSU has been mixed on the road. Lost at Va Tech (scoreboard a lot worse than the actual game was), blasted Florida, blown out by Auburn, and beat Kentucky with an every day play with no time left (i'm joking). So as you can see it's been good and bad. I favor a good showing on the road b/c with the exception of Aub, LSU has looked pretty decent on the road except small lapses in the game.....eliminate the small lapses and we're in good shape. For the SECCG, this is motivation enough. Yes we've been there but they should be as hungry this year as last same scenario as last year as well.....win you go, lose you go home......this team has played well when there back is against the wall....hope it continues.

    4) Keys to the game. For LSU i say no turnovers, get something done in the passing game, and force Ark to pass. By products of these we'll be keeping our defense rested and not playing the whole game. As long as our defense can stay rested they'll be fine. For Ark, force turnovers and balance with the run and pass. LSU will take away the option and force the draw and straight up runs (hopefully they can stop the draw this time)...if they can slow down the run then Ark has to pass which hasn't been there strong suit (ours either).


    LSU 37 Ark 17 (My heart)
    LSU 24 Ark 21 OT (My head)

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