I rate our schedule.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by max, Aug 20, 2004.

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    A+ LSU - Maybe the best coaching and talent in football. Should win every game but have three loseable games on the schedule.

    A: Georgia - excellent coaching and talent Our toughest game because they are a solid unit as a team. Can we win three in a row?

    A: Florida - talent may be better than Georgia but coaching is average Like Georgia, this game could go either way. If we come with our best, we will win. Leak and Crowder are scary. Very talented roster. Could win any game they play but coaching does not match the talent assembled.

    B: Auburn - good talent and coaching We could lose if we are not insync and they are. If they are off or we are on, we win.

    C: Oregon State - should win If we lose, we are not the team most expect.

    C: Alabama - probation-deprived

    C: Ole Miss: - not the same without Eli and his fellow seniors

    C: Arkansas - lost 21 of 22 starters

    D: Vanderbilt - should be their best team in years Could go to a bowl

    D: Mississippi State - I am rooting for Croom in his other games.

    F: Troy State

    F: Arkansas State

    Just my analysis: I rate them from most difficult to easiest with grades that also reflect the level of difficulty with playing them. How would you rank these teams from most difficult to easiest?

    We should beat every team that we play in the regular season, but with three loseable games, it will be tough not to drop one or more.
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    A: LSU- yet QB is a ?

    B+: Georgia - good assistant coaches, bad offensive line.

    B: Florida -Leak is good but more growing pains to come.

    C+ Auburn - nice running backs. revamped defense...lost their stars.

    C: Oregon State - will be competitive in weak conference.

    C-----: Alabama - lame duck coach, lame duck situation.

    C: Ole Miss: - still the runts.

    D- Arkansas - no chance.

    C: Vanderbilt - lotsa senior leadership. could surprise some.

    D-: Mississippi State - no chance

    D-: Troy State is troy state.

    F: Arkansas State possibly worst team ever.

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