I still want the Hat...Gary has to go.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by armybass, Nov 23, 2009.

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    I am pissed about what happened but I still am with the coach. He mad e a huge bumbling mistake at the end of the game. Why am I still with him. He stayed with us in 2007 and chose to be a Tiger over going to a very prestigious job at his home. He has heart and is a good man. You guys are free to hate him, I think that is foolish and immature. Gary Crowton on the other hand is just not getting it done. We have serious fire power on offense and we have just not lived up to our potential. Last year was a bad year with the D sucking but this year he needed to up his game. He did not. I wish him well but we need a proven winner in here now! :milesmic:
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    I'm with you. Miles took responsibility for the screw-up with the clock, but the offensive play calling is still horrible. I say can GC now and get someone who can get it done. Send Miles to clock management school, or either let someone else take the reigns.:geauxtige

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