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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by MikeT, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. MikeT

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    Jan 15, 2004
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    ...about Rohan Davey after his 1st start against Auburn? I am mostly a lurker here, but this nonsense about everyone KNOWING how Randall is going to progress under one of the best QB developers in the nation is ludicris.

    The spring practice, spring game, and fall paractice will tell us all we need to know. Patience young grasshopper(s).
  2. crawfish

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    I usually stay out of the QB talk but...... I need whatever you're smoking if you think Randall "might" hold off Flynn or Russell past 2 quarters of football next season.

    Marcus Randall is a great kid and one hell of a team player.......but he is not a SEC QB.

    BTW, You bring up good points about what good coaching can do. That's something RO did not have during his first start at LSU.
  3. ClassOfTheSEC03

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    Dec 27, 2003
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    gotta agree with crawfish here. much love to randall, he will always have my respect, but the only way he starts at qb is if CNS decides experience trumps all other factors. there's just gonna be a sick assortment talent on the offense and i don't believe the offense will come anywhere close to realizing its potential with Randall under center. He's a great athlete, but nothing i've seen of him leads me to believe he's got the passing skills that the 2 RSF supposedly have, nor do i believe he has the intangibles of someone like Mauck. If he does start i sure hope he proves me wrong though.
  4. Bengal B

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    Craig Nall and Josh Booty also played in that Auburn game and they sucked too.
  5. TigerEducated

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    Feb 18, 2003
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    [email protected] who doubts the relavance of coaching talent and development of talent in coaching these days...

    Craig Nall, Josh Booty, and Rohan Davey were all NFL draft picks. Booty and Nall faced off in the last pre-season game with GB facing Cleveland a few years back...and that's a testament to the talent that we had accumulated here. DiNardo's talent...NFL caliber quarterbacks on campus...NFL caliber quality at wideout...

    But, the lack of coaching allowed that talent to not only idle, but to-literally-regress....

    If you don't think coaching can not only overcome talent gaps, but mental gaps, then you don't know football...

    If you think Scott Frost or Tommie Frazier could read defenses, you're smoking rope...But, if you say that they weren't national title winning quarterbacks at Nebraska, you'd be a liar.

    The system, the coaching they received, and the program they were in maximized their talents, and the same can be said for Randall. The right plays, and the right scheme, can allow him to thrive.

    He may not hold off the freshman, and I don't see him as being the wire-to-wire starter for LSU next year, but I do seeing him being given every opportunity, and weighing heavily on LSU's fortunes in the off-season.
  6. Purple Jungle

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    Aug 16, 2002
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    BTW, I recall quite a large number of LSU fans calling for Rohan to unseat Booty ALL season in 1999.

    However, there were fans calling for Clausen to replace Randall last year. We all saw how that worked out :sob:
  7. TigerWins

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    Sep 15, 2003
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    Your post pretty much rules out any chance of Randall improving (in your opinion) and would only start because of experience. So what does that say about Saban and Fisher? ... are they not capable of seeing how much more talented Russell and Flynn are? I mean, if you see it, why can't they?

    Or, what does that say about Russell and Flynn if they can't beat him out? I mean, how could someone like Randall, even with experience, beat out two studs? Maybe they aren't studs?

    Or maybe ... Saban and Fisher are much smarter than us?!?
  8. cajdav1

    cajdav1 Soldiers are real hero's

    Dec 26, 2003
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    For the life of me I cannot figure out how Mauck and Randall could have played so similar in 2002 with Randall playing against much tougher competition than Mauck and then all of these guys point out Randalls deficiencies but not Maucks. And then to see how much better Mauck was last year but then they do not hold out any hope for Randall to show the same kind of improvement. And Mauck was actually worse in 2002 than Randall was when you look at the teams he played against, much worse.
  9. tygertail

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    Jan 29, 2004
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    face it Randall is #1 going into spring because he is the elder and has game experience. Before people start complaining, I do not think that Randall will be the main man walking onto the field on September 4.

    Then again, you never know what Randall is doing. He might be busting his a$$ to compete for the top spot. This isn't like last year, this is for the position to lead the national champions.
  10. G_MAN113

    G_MAN113 Founding Member

    Nov 10, 2003
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    LSU 35, Cotton Bowl-bound Arkansas, 10, to end the 1999 season.

    If you recall anything about that game, the Rohan backers were right all along.

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