If the QB play doesn't improve over the summer

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by WestCoastTiger, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Does Les Miles have the guts to go with someone other than Jordan Jefferson or will he be the stubborn person he has been? ie we don't give freshman a lot of time regardless of their talent. See Russell Sheppard.

    Les has got to be sick after what he saw yesterday. Once again, yes it's Spring but there was a lot of bragging going on about Jefferson's improvement in the grasp of the offense, decision making and his leadership. I saw ZERO of that yesterday.

    Here's to a miraculous summer for JJ. Without him taking a step up we are in serious trouble in the fall.
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    I think "serious trouble" would be an overstatement. For me, no improvement would mean LSU misses out on a chance to compete for the SEC championship. JJ or JL can win 9 games as it stands. One of them needs to step up to win 10 or more. The rest of the team appears to be improved. There's a LOT of talent on this team.
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    "Combining the spring game with the two previous scrimmages, Lee was 30-for-59 for 359 yards with four touchdowns. Jefferson was 24-for-57 for 274 yards and one touchdown." per the Advocate...

    Seems to me Lee won the spring battle and seems to be putting up pretty decent numbers.
  4. lsudolemite

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    There is 0% chance of Garrett starting this year, in any game. Take it to the bank.

    If JJ merely picks up where he left off in January, watch for Lee to get his chance. It may not come right away, and I wouldn't give him a start right away anyhow. Crawl before you walk, walk before you run. He has to first show that he can come into a game for a series or two, stay calm and keep his head in it, and run the offense better than JJ. We may not see a true dual QB system, but one of the two will emerge as the go-to QB at some point during the season. When that happens is anyone's guess. If Lee can take the starter job from JJ and turn into a solid, dependable QB it would be one of the most amazing redemption stories in LSU sports history.

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    It would be crazy if jarret lee wins the job and has a good year, it could happen but im laughin thinkin about that would be very rare LOL

    anyway i wish the best of luck to any LSU quarterback
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    I don't think coach Miles is hitching his future to any quarterback...(Like Haslett did with the Saints when he kept Delhomme on the bench in favor of Brooks).

    I think that's why he's been emphasizing the running game and we'll most certainly see a lot better version of it than we saw last year. I'm expecting to see Jefferson start because of it. He's more of a running threat than Lee and actually does give the opposing defenses fits when he rolls out or scrambles...remember the Georgia Tech bowl game? I think he'll be deciding to run or pass to one receiver(or pitch in the option) rather than staying in the pocket and going through progressions.

    I agree Bandit, that we could well see a two quarterback system...especially if Lee improves. but it won't be a true two QB system like Bert Jones/Paul Lyons...It'll probably be a situational QB system where Lee runs the two minute offense if we're behind. When Lee gets in during the middle of a game with a lead, look for him to be handing off a lot to Ridley and Ford (and Ware too!).

    But what do I know, I'm just a cook...a cook who can't wait till the season starts !! :popcorn:.
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    Dude, Russell Shepard took himself out of the QB running halfway through the season. That means he's learning a totally new position right when coneference play begins. THAT's why he didn't get any playing time and not because Miles didn't "give freshman a lot of time regardless of their talent".

    Lets look at our options for QB:

    Jordan Jefferson: Completed his first season at QB, completing over 60% of his passes and throwing for over twice as many TDs as Ints. Spent half of his time back-pedaling for his life due to poor interior blocking and never had a running game to take pressure off his passing. Did not respond well to timing routes and making quick reads at the line of scrimmage.

    Jarrett Lee: Throws more TDs for opposing teams than his own. Displays a very quick release and can have very good streaks followed by very bad streaks. No middle-ground in his game at all and has shown no improvement.

    Chris Garrett: Do we even need to go there? Take Jordan Jefferson two years ago, remove his mobility and you have Chris Garrett. He's a bright kid with a promising future (key word: future) that will hopefully get some playing time in mop-up duty.

    JJ by far and away is LSU's best hope, for better or worse.
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  8. OkieTigerTK

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    shep = not even a qb any more.

    garrett = young and inexperienced. do we really want to go there again? after two years in a row of that?

    lee = seems to look good in practice most of the time but when he gets under the lights turns into bambi. i really hope he has that worked out of his head. if he can get the mental game together, he will be a much better qb.

    jj = good but not great. needs to become less timid and take charge. doesnt seem to be able to throw the long ball, but can get the job done if he gains confidence and has protection.

    over all its not a great situation, but if lee and jj can grow emotionally/mentally, it wont be a disaster. right now we seem to still be going through growing pains. but the thought of starting garrett scares the crap out of me. he needs to grow and mature into the job. not be thrown out there early like the other two. as long as we keep starting young and green, we just set ourselves back another year.
  9. TigerCliff

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    JJ by far and away is LSU's best hope, for better or worse.

    Far and away - maybe we go with him not because he is far and away better:tigereye:
  10. LSUtiger327

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    garrett won't see the field unless there's an injury situation.

    if JJ falters i think miles will only play lee. and i think it will take a lot.

    for all the miles haters i would figure you would want miles to make all the wrong choices and lose games so he gets canned.

    i don't think the ceiling is that high on JJ or lee. LSU will have to rely on running the ball and a good defense. i am much more worried about the line of scrimmage on both sides than the QB although to be honest i'm not exactly confident about the QB either.

    when LSU had its success it was good on 3rd down. this team the last few years has been subpar, especially the offense not being able to sustain drives. return to being good on 3rd down and hopefully the tigers will return to competing for west titles again.

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