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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Winston1, Feb 9, 2014.

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    The AP article on this CBO report warns we will be mired in slow growth for the foreseeable future. It would be nice to blame president Obama for this and he does have some responsibility and I'm sure Red et al would love to blame the Rs & tea party and they have some responsibility as well. However per the CBO the prime reason is demographics. We need to bring people willing to work and grow and get better. Today immigrants want the same thing all who have come before them. We are all immigrants...even the so called native Americans. The only way we will get out of this is by real growth and immigration reform.
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    Oh brother. This should get good and fast
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    Agree. It's been 3 hours. We should be on the 4 page by now. The winter storm must have knocked out a lot of peoples internet access.
  5. mancha

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    Immigration reform is on the table. Bush pushed for it 8 years ago. Boehner's plan was laughed at by his own party. There really is only 1 vocal minority political group from making immigration reform happen.
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    And the GOP knows it. They are not speaking with one voice on this issue and several other hot topics. They very badly want to delay this beyond the mid-term elections before making any unpalatable compromises or exposing their divisiveness. I don't think the electorate is going to let them get away with it though.
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    Maybe, but the latest Gallup poll Feb 6-9 show that only 6% of Americans think immigration reform is important. I can post the link if you like.
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    Are you sure you read it right?

    I see it saying that 6% of those polled think that dealing with immigration reform is "not that important". 93% think that it is moderately to extremely important.

    Opinions differ.

    Voters Across the Political Spectrum Support Immigration Reform

    Americans overwhelmingly call for new reforms (79% adopt new reforms/15% leave the system as is) over leaving the current broken immigration system as is.
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    I agree with Red here (hope that didn't cause a heart attack Red). It is only a minority even in the Republican party that doesn't see the need. Unfortunately it is a vocal and very well funded minority as mancha noted.
    I hope the rest find the inner strength to pass it before the mid terms. I doubt it keeps the tea party away from the polls in November and while it may not show an immediate shift in Hispanic vote patterns many remember President Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any president before, including the Rs of the past 20+ years.
    Smart politics is for the Rs to open the door and layout the welcome mat. Immigrants tend to vote conservative on the issues unless those they agree with philosophically seem to hate them. That is the problem the Rs face...the tea party alienates their natural voter base.
  10. Tiger Exile

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