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    The O-line is part of it, for sure, but Ingram doesn't seem to run with any heart. During the TB game on Sunday, the Saints went for it on 4th down. Ingram went one on one with DeShawn Goldson and got stood up and tackled about an inch from the goal line. He didn't spin or dive or drive his legs or anything. He just lowered his head and took it. That's frustrating thing about him. It seems like he lacks passion.

    It's also true that Ingram is one of those backs that needs a lot of carries to get into a rhythm and would probably be better in a system as a feature back. But that's not how Sean Payton does things. He rotates backs in and out trying to create match up problems for the defense, so it's up to Ingram to adjust his game. He's had the better part of 3 years now to do it and he hasn't showed it yet; even though this was supposed to be his break out year. I say give Cadet a few carries. Ingram always did better with Ivory pushing him for playing time.
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    It's all mental now for Ingram.

    Doesn't have the confidence and it shows. Never quite sure when to hit the hole and where he should even try to hit the hole. He has poor vision and even worse decision making. He takes way too long to get to the line of scrimmage. Defenders always seem to sniff out the plays too, because Ingram has never been used in the passing game.

    What happened to all that angry running he showed last year when Chris Ivory was breathing down his neck?

    Well Ivory is gone now and no one to push Ingram. And it shows on the field. No more angry running.
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    FYI, he has a "toe" injury and did not practice today.

    I hope this means Robinson is activated and I hope Robinson runs for 80 yards on just 15 carries this Sunday.
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    I don't know too much about Robinson, but would love to see what Cadet could do as well.
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    I stole this from the interwebs, but here it is anyway:

    credit goes to Jason Bernos on Twitter ( @bernsTNR )
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    That really puts it in perspective; seeing as how P2 plays mostly on defense.
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    CSP usually isn't shy about getting rid of players that aren't carrying their weight. Generally it doesn't matter where they came from and he'll keep a productive free agent over a highly-drafted player who is coasting. The only reason I can think of that he hasn't pulled the trigger on Ingram yet is because CSP missed all of last year and has to judge Ingram's production -- or lack thereof -- for himself. I'd think that if Ingram doesn't go off this week, there might be a move made sooner rather than later.

    I'm in general agreement with posters upthread. The thing that has bothered me most about Ingram this year is he doesn't seem to be running with a purpose. Film studies I've read this week show that there was a hole there, though Ingram did have to jump over de la Puente, who had fallen -- and he met the DB 1-on-1 in the hole. But there was no burst, no drive. As a RB in that situation, you've got to move people backwards until you get into the end zone and Ingram simply didn't do that.
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    Just saw this on the NFL channel scroller - Mark Ingram is the No. 1 fantasy football 'drop' this week. That tells you all you need to know right there.
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    Who in their fucking right minds drafted Mark Ingram? I don't care if it was the 35th round and you have 23 backups in the league you joined.
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    Gumps. Oh wait, you did put the qualifier "in their fucking right minds". We all know that eliminates them.

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