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    Fillet Tar-tar Steak in Tomato Cup
    [​IMG]created by Iron Chef French II, Hiroyuki Sakai
    [​IMG]Battle Mishima Beef
    [​IMG]reverse-engineered by David J Rust


    1/2 lb fillet minion, ground (medium grind) 2 Tbsp onion minced 2 Tbsp green onion minced to taste salt and pepper 1 Tbsp Tobasco sauce 1 egg 2 Tbsp parsley, fresh chopped 1 Tbsp capers crushed 2 Tbsp anchovies crushed (or anchovy paste)
    6 tomatos peeled, seeded and cored
    6 1-oz. slices of beef a dash lemon juice
    6 Tbsp caviar

    NOTE: Only use high-grade beef for this dish and be sure you get it from a reputable butcher whom you know well. This is a raw meat dish; proceed at your own caution!

    [​IMG]1. Cube the fillet minion and grind it to a medium grind in a meat grinder (or put it in a food processor and pulse it about ten times or so).

    [​IMG]2. In a glass bowl, mix in the onion, green onion, salt and pepper, Tobasco, egg, parsley, capers and crushed anchovies. Cover and chill in the refrigerator.

    [​IMG]3. In a pot of hot water, submerge the 6 tomatos for a bit over a minute, or until their skins start to split. Remove them and place them in a bowl of icewater to chill. (Keep the boiling water for step 5.) Once they are cooled, the skins should be able to be removed easily.

    [​IMG]4. Take each skinned tomato and cut off the top. Core out the seeds and make a cavity in each. Set the tomatos in the refrigerator until needed.

    [​IMG]5. Spending only a second or three on each 1 ounce slice of beef, dip them into the boiling water and then give them a dash of lemon juice.

    [​IMG]6. Remove the tomatos and the ground meat from the refrigerator and fill each cavity with the chilled, raw steak mixture. On top of each, place one of the slices of beef. Top with a tablespoon of caviar, each and serve.

    Serves 6 as a small appetizer.

    Serving Notes:

    [​IMG]Iron Chef Sakai served this dish with a side of consume gellatin in tea cups. The gellatin was not shown being prepared, but it is conceivable that Sakai was able to make the consume from the Mishima Beef in an hour. He also had some (cooked?) minced green onions mixed into it. Each was also topped by a mixture of strained, pureed broad beans blended with milk and water. I assume that a chilled soup is what is recommended for serving with the steak tar-tar tomatos.

    Iron Chef Notes:

    [​IMG]Sakai prepared the ingredients in the tomato cups in roughly the order listed above. I never saw the pepper added and there was no mention of salt. However, with this much ground beef, salt is almost always a necessity. Since we saw him tasting the raw meat earlier to get a feel for it, I would guess that he seasoned the ground meat and tasted it sometime after grinding it up.

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