Is it Time for Brees to Retire?

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by Bengal B, Jan 21, 2019.

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    For most of the season Drew Brees was every bit as great as he has ever been. But since the loss to the Cowboys he just hasn't been the QB we have come to expect. He has underthown receivers that were open for touchdowns, made off target throws that should have gotten first downs and kept the chains moving and has even made some poor decisions.

    Is it his age catching up to him or did he have some nagging injury that we don't know about.

    Maybe the Saints should make him the backup for the rest of his contract and let him tutor Teddy Bridgewater on the finer points of the game.

    Of course he will still be the starter next season unless he decides to retire.
    Next year is probably the last time the Superbowl window will be open for this group of players what with some of the younger guys who have produced coming up for their second contract.
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  2. ehusson80

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    I think next year is it....
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    He has gotten older, but the offensive line was starting to get banged up around the cowboys game. Brees has never had the cannon, so some of this is over reaction.
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    Without deep threat seems like defenses are taking away short-mid game. Not sure he can make it through an entire season. Wasn’t impressed with Bridgewater but probably not fair to judge based on the Carolina game.

    Running game also got taken away; I guess the Eagles and Rams had solid defense? Bummer we went out on a shit call, but still a good season.

    To answer, I think it’s time for Brees to hang it up. Just feels like he’s spent. He’s still got it upstairs and there are worse QBs, not sure we can do better, but I think he’s hit the wall. I’ll be surprised if we can make another run with Brees.
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    I think next year will be his last, and he'll be given every opportunity to keep the job. The real question is, will they attempt to sign TB or go with TH? I'm leaning toward Hill. Neither will ever be as accurate as Brees, but I think Hilll's accuracy will improve with extended playing time. He'll also be more durable than Teddy, IMO.
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    I agree. Injuries, especially to the O-line, are the biggest reason the offense sputtered after the Dallas game. That said, his age was showing towards the end of the year. Unless he was injured and/or the lack of depth at WR/TE or both, the vertical passing game pretty much disappeared from our offense after that game too

    The 1st down throw to Thomas after Ginn's huge reception is a TD if it's not thrown at #13's big toe. I'm not sure if that was age or what, but it was his worst throw of the day; even worse than the pick because it would have ended the game in all likelihood.
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    If we were in the SB like we should be, I was of the thought that had we won the game, Drew would've retired... Thanks to that shit call, we'll never know...
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