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Israel has started

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by LSUpride123, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Martin you should start a blog. You are a pretty funny dude.
  2. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    by treatin all irrational and ignorant thing the same. racism and religion and bad math and creationism and anything that is wrong. all the same. all worthy of mocking. no more of this idea thatfaith is sacred.
  3. Tiger in NC

    Tiger in NC Freshman

    so you are basing this off of a poll taken in the UK, which is not even a Muslim country? seriously? for one thing, you have to understand that the wealthier, extremist Muslims often move to places like the UK because there are more modern amenities for them and because the UK allows freedom of speech they are able to speak openly in their Mosques about their displeasure with Western society. However, to equate the plight or beliefs of those radical, wealthy extremists to the Muslims who live in the middle east is intellectually dishonest and, frankly, there is no correlation between the two.

    Your final statement says it all, "I would imagine if true Muslim countries were polled its equal or higher...." This is a grand assumption on your part and not reflective at all of the facts. Further, you went looking for evidence of your point and the very best you could come up with was a lame poll of Muslims in the UK, not even from a Muslim country.
  4. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    And you are basing your opinion off of? Oh because you say so, nothing to support it other than you say so, classic.....take a stroll down to any Muslim country and perform your poll, maybe try and find one who hasn't Assissinated one of its own Clerics who actually spoke out against Jihad, wait you won't find a single one....and be sure to tell them you are a westerner, let me know how that goes.

    My further evidence is my own eyes and ears which arent buried in the muslim sand, who saw and heard Muslims celebrating around the world, including our own country and my own hometown, from Muslim Dr's in New York City on the day of 9/11 celebrating as casualties came in to hospitals, to these savages dragging our countymen through streets, bombing our embassies, to every backwards ass Muslim country across the world......only reason these fools don't all come out the closet and proclaim their hatred for us and our freedoms is because they know if it truly came down to us and them we would wipe the floor with them. Eventually it's gonna be us or them and I'll choose us every time, including you!
  5. Tiger in NC

    Tiger in NC Freshman

    Look, you are the one who made the assertion that 10% of Muslims were jihadists, not me. Therefore the burden of proof is on you, not me. Judging by the emotional drivel of your second paragraph, I would guess that the facts really don't matter too much to you. Your notion that the majority of Muslims are bloodthirsty savages who hate Americans is based on little more than what you hear every night on FOX news and is in no way indicative of reality.
  6. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    Look, you asked for "proof" it was delivered (actually exceeded my opinion) and of course you don't like it and you deliver NOTHING..bottom line you have no disproof and stuck your opinionated nose in a subject you know less than nothing or live in a fishbowl.... I only watch KLFY local news, CBS I think, typical liberal as predictable as The Sun will rise. Love it....oh and I never used the term Jihadist, but keep saying it, someone will believe you.
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  7. martin

    martin Banned Forever

  8. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    Thi's is a time when it hurts us that we are fucking tools that vote stupid.

    George bush would be a good president to have righht now. He does not fuck around with terrorists and he would be far more aggro with respect to Hamas and Israel. Romney would too. Bush would already be hardcore with nations that have relations with Hamas.

    But Jon Stewart made fun of bush lolzoids can't vote republican

    Our nation is suffering from the Cajun sensationalism of politics. A blandly superficial view of things that is not issue based. To be right requires a bit of intellectual vigilance beyond cable tv watching.
  9. tigerchick46

    tigerchick46 Quick Learner

    Actually I think if GW would have paid more attention to Clinton's number 1 piece of advice on his way out the door, which was Al Qaeda was the biggest threat to the US, it might have helped ......but he didn't and we are where we are with Muslims...which is its us or them.
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  10. red55

    red55 curmudgeon

    Perhaps 10% support the radicals, but far less than 1% are actual members of active terror groups. And NONE of them are countries. Islam isn't a country either, you know. We can go off on great lemming-like military expeditions to show that we can conquer Muslim countries, but it doesn't address the terrorist problem effectively, exhausts us of men and money, pisses off the 99% who don't fuck with us, and ends up hurting us, crashing our economy, overextending our military, and greatly pleasing the terrorists who rightfully take credit for this. It makes no fucking sense at all to imagine that military assault against all the worlds muslims is anything like a solution.

    Overt actions directly against the terror groups, wherever they hide is effective and cheap and it's working. We are hitting them hard in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Sudan. Covert actions are even more effective and we aren't supposed to know about them, but it includes massive reading of their coded communications, targeted strikes like the bin Ladin raid, targeted assassinations and kidnappings, robbing them of their source funds, aid to Iranian dissidents, etc.

    What is this proactive solution you propose? Be specific. What can it accomplish and at what cost?

    Frankly, most muslims don't give a shit about us any more than we do about them. The ones that hate us mostly don't have the means or the balls to do so. The ones that have the means and the balls are the one that we are taking down wherever they pop up. The criminals that hide among them have found out that it offers little protection. Pakistan has 100 nuclear weapons and they thought that meant that no one would dare attack them. Ha! We waltz in a take bin Ladin out from under their noses and shoot missiles at terrorists from drones that they can't do a damn thing about.

    The terrorists are foolish. No place in history that I know of has terrorism ever gotten its proponents what they want. They are naive. Bin Ladin actually thought that the 9/11 attacks against the World Trade Center would ruin American trade and collapse our economy causing our ruination like the Soviet Union. For as much as it pissed us off, the 9/11 attacks were a pinprick agains the full power and substance of the United States of America. It came nowhere close to ruining us.

    Most islamic countries have undereducated and illiterate populations taking their ideas from illiterate mullahs who have memorized the Koran. Their 14th century morality is getting them nowhere and their relevance diminishes and will disappear when the Persian Gulf oil is gone in a hundred years or less. They don't have the financial resources, the human resources, or anywhere close to the capability to wage war upon the United States. They have much pride, nationalism, and rhetoric.

    Rhetoric is important among third-world strongmen but it is nothing that Superpowers need to fear.

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