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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bengal B, Jul 14, 2014.

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    With the first game less than 50 days away its time for predictions. I'm saying that the first play of the season for LSU will be Terrence Magee off left tackle. Leonard Fournette might be the real deal but Magee will start the opener at least. No way Miles is going to throw the ball before he has to with virtually no experience at quarterback. I put the over and under on LSU passes at 20 and I'm taking the under. The Wisconsin game will be close through three quarters before the Tigers wear them down to pull away for a 31-17 win.

    After glorified practices against Sam Houston State and ULM they should be able to keep the improved Moo U as their bitch with another W. Another "working bye" week with New Mexico State LSU is brimming with confidence as they visit an Auburn team that some in the media are predicting to return to Atlanta and the new playoffs. I don't see them as good as that but they are a good team. LSU wins a hard fought victory in a surprisingly defensive struggle considering Gus Malzahn's fast break offense.

    Historically LSU doesn't play all that well after a big emotional game. Florida catches the Tigers at the Swamp at the best time for the Gators. Last year's 4-8 record was an anomaly. Will Muschamp is coaching for his job this year. LSU falls behind early and unless LF turns out to be the second coming of Herschel Walker they won't be able to catch up before the final gun.

    After wins in Tiger Stadium against Kentucky and the revenge game vs Ole Miss and a week off,
    its Bama week. The Tide could be ranked as high as #1. LSU will be in the top 10 and much higher if they can get by Florida. Yet another Game of the Century! Mano a Mano! Ali vs Frazier! The game goes down to the wire but this time Tigers send Nick back to a not so Sweet Home Alabama with Nicky wondering what went wrong with "the process."

    R Kansas always plays LSU tough no matter how bad their record. LSU never plays particular well after the Bama game. With no intervening bye week or rent-a-win they stink up Fayetteville and come home with their tails between their legs and no shot at the SEC West or the Playoffs.

    With Johnny Football gone and with the same no defense as last year I just don't see A&M as being all that good. Kevin Sumlin is a very good coach but the Tigers put the Razorback loss behind them and cram Thanksgiving Turkey down the Aggie throats.

    No way to really know which bowl they get but I have a feeling it will be the Cotton Bowl against Baylor unless they somehow get into the Sugar with Bama and maybe South Carolina in the playoffs. Chavis will find a way to stifle the Baylor point a minute offense and the Tigers finish at 11-2. Disappointing for what might have been but encouraging for 2015 with all the young talent having a year under their belt. LSU goes 15-0 and brings home the as yet unamed ugly trophy in 2015.
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  2. StaceyO

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    I think you're giving South Carolina entirely too much credit by suggesting they will possibly get into the playoffs. They perennially disappoint (think how discouraging it would be to live as a Gamecock fan--starting with having to yell "Go Cocks!" down to never winning anything of substance.)

    I'm eager to see how our defense looks this year. If they are back up to form, we may do quite well. And of course, I'm interested to see how our QBs look. However, we nearly won it all with Lee/Jefferson at the helm. That speaks volumes as to how we have often masked sub-par QB play quite well. And now we have Cam Cameron to train these guys.

    Fournette may do very well this year. Running back is traditionally a position where a true freshman can do quite well. I predict that Kenny Hilliard will have a nice senior season, and it cannot be discounted how much experience is returning on our offensive line.

    I'm not big on making predictions, but to our opponents, I say: Bring it.

    And Florida may very well have another losing season. I don't think Muschamp will cut it as a head coach in the SEC. He certainly should've stayed at Texas for that gig (if they'd have still given it to him.)
  3. Bengal B

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    I don't know what happened with Kenny Hilliard. Coming out of high school he was considered to be on an even par with Jeremy Hill and he had an impressive freshman season.

    Don't underestimate the Old Ball Coach. He has done wonders in a state that doesn't have near the recruiting base he had in Florida.

    I don't know how good a coach Muschamp may be. Certainly a good defensive coach having learned his trade at the feet of Satan. The Gators were 11-1 in 2012 and they had lots of injuries on offense in 2013. To be the head coach at Texas you not only have to be a good coach, your have to be a good politician to massage the egos of all the billionaire boosters. Mack Brown was a better politician than he was a coach and thats why he kept his job for so long. Charlie Strong is not a politician. He is a man of few words. He will not last long at Texas unless he wins big and does it soon. Like starting yesterday.
  4. lsutiga

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    No shyt. THREE 11 win seasons in a row AT THAT school is a miracle. Anyone who can lead lDuke to an ACC Championship.... :D
  5. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    What happens if there is a 3 way tie between Auburn LSU and Alabama. LSU beats Alabama, Auburn beats LSU, and Alabama beats Auburn? No highest BCS rank rule anymore, how is a tiebreaker settled in that scenario, no SECE losses...

    You would think LSU would have the benefit of where the schedule is laid out, but I haven't heard how tiebreakers are settled yet.
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    I predict that regardless of what happens, some of us will bitch to the point of being intolerable. Myself included. :)
  7. StaceyO

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    At least, you're being honest with yourself, Shane. I'll still be here pumping the sunshine, though.
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    Well, I have to. See I know your uncle Les has a Ferrari in the garage. I also know it will never get out of 2nd gear. That frustrates the living shit out of me.

    See, I started already.
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    Wouldn't you be happier if you could simply let go of your irrational disdain for my Uncle Les?
  10. Bengal B

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    Russell Sheppard was at least a Maserati
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