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    I'll show you something... like I always say, many coaches have to be the right fit.

    I'll start with the easy one.

    *Gruden, the guy makes around $5M a year with a net worth of around $25M, haven't checked in a while. His name always comes up with every opening. He has a great job or jobs, ESPN pays well and benefits are too many to name.

    * Mark Dantinio, might want to do a little homework with this one. When was the last time he beat Notre Dame, oh thats right, 2010, but had to go into OT. Oh the year before he lost to ND, a 6-6 ND. A 7-6 in 2012, when was the last time Les went 7-6 at LSU, how about never.

    * Lame Kittens, LOL, Did you really put this. 35-21 at uscw and 7-6 at tenn. Just look at every place he's been, every place. If his name wasn't Kitten's, the guy would be out of a job. Ask coaches, I do.

    * Art, I do like Art. good guy and coach, but like I said, a good fit. His records at Baylor, 4-8, 4-8, 7-6, 10-3, 8-5 and 11-2. I also like his DC Phil Bennett, been knowing him for years. I got to see and talk with Phil this past Spring for a little while. He is getting his type of players on the defensive side of the ball. They will continue to do well. Phil's son Sam is a GA, on the offensive side of the ball, at Rice University.

    Can you give me a few more names? Didn't take long with these. Too easy.

    Thanks again.

    ETA: I'm watching the Redskins now, if we can't get Jon, maybe we could get his brother Jay from the Skins?
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  2. LSUDad

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    I didn't want to go there. I could throw out a few more, but I think he gets it.
  3. LSUDad

    LSUDad Senior Member

    Dennis Erickson RB Coach at Utah, Butch Davis was hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an adviser in February 2012.
    A few others that come up at times, Bob Davie HC New Mexico, Terry Bowden HC Akron, Frank Solich HC Ohio, Larry Coker HC UTSA, Dennis Franchione HC Texas St. Many of these guys had major gigs that didn't work out. Many were hot names in the coaching profession.

    I this profession, its very hard to be consistent, look at these names, look at the schools they were at, many at major schools, only to fail. Seen it too many times. Its easy to throw up names to see what sticks on the wall.
  4. red55

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    You are a real dumbass. LSU went 13-1 in 2011.
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  5. Noth1ngfaced

    Noth1ngfaced Freshman

    An incredible season and an incredible year, absolutely.
  6. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    And who was the coach?
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  7. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    There is a youtube video of Harris running it at practice.
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  8. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Care to name a coach that averages less than 1 loss in the SEC?

    To save you time, no one.

    Of all the coaches, Les Miles has beaten lil Nickey the most. I like our chances at home in DV.
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    Uh oh he is starting to repeat himself…Boring. Cut the cord, yet?
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  10. StaceyO

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    Why on earth does Chucky's name come up every time a college job is mentioned? He's never expressed any interest in coaching in college, and since he hasn't coached anywhere in about a decade, I doubt he's going to coach in the pros again, either.

    In short, we don't know what kind of coach Gruden would even be. So, I chuckle any time I see him mentioned.

    Also, any list with Lane Douchebag Kiffen's name on it must be a joke.

    D'antonio is a Saban-like control freak--no thanks.

    And that leaves us with Briles, who may be a good coach. However....does anyone else find it suspicious in the least how Baylor went from cellar dweller to "contender" (at least in the Big 12, which may not be that big of a deal) in such a short time? My thoughts are that some major alumni money may be behind the recruiting, not unlike SMU in the Pony Express road to the death penalty dayys. I mean, Lache Seastrunk was playing for them last year--after he "Lester Earled" Oregon.
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