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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Bengal B, Jul 14, 2014.

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    You probably watched the same Youtube videos I did where he had moves like Barry Sanders and while his passing wouldn't make anybody forget Peyton Manning it wasn't bad. You are talking about one play in his unfortunately meager number of carries. Maybe Mark Barron was just more motivated on that play. When Bear Bryant was coaching Alabama one game the Tide was trying to protect a slim lead late in the game against Tennessee. Joe Namath checked out of the running play Bryant had called and threw a pass which was intercepted be the Tennessee free safety with world class speed. The safety was flying down the sidelines headed for paydirt when Namath caught him from behind at the 5 yard line. The Bama defense held the Vols out of the end zone and the Tide won.
    After the game a reporter asked Namath how he was able to catch the speed D Back. Namath said, "That guy was just running for a touchdown. I was running for my life."
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    Not at all. He was played, albeit not at QB, but he was just not a good WR, either, and I think his smallish size would've made trying RB in the SEC a problem.

    With regards to Shepard, I think he peaked in high school, which some guys do. Miles tends to do just as well with his 3-stars as his 5, and that's a good thing. The 3-stars are often guys who haven't peaked at 18.
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    Well I am headed to Houston on Monday.
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    Still on an NFL roster, can't be that damn bad.
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    No, he wasn't very good at catching the ball. He wouldn't have to carry the ball 20-25 times as a running back. He wasn't built like Jeremy Hill. You saw some of the things he did in his few carries. I would have designed plays to give him 8-12 touches per game. You can say that he really wasn't all that good at the college level all you want but the first time he ever carried the ball-BAM! 50 yard touchdown run against Tulane. Second time same thing against Auburn.

    Les Miles is a good coach most of the time. He makes $4.3 Million a year and I don't. But some of his decision are like rookie mistakes. Especially clock management in certain games. I may not be a coach but I have been an avid football fan all my life and I've watched thousands and thousands of games both college and pro and I have a pretty good idea of what to do in almost any situation. I would volunteer my services as the Clock Management Coordinator.
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    Has he receded any NFL stats or is he on the NFL All-Practice squad team?

    Stacey's right, he peaked in high school. He had a running back mentality, but a wide receiver body. It was too bad that he couldn't catch.
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    Shit, how much more motivated can you get?
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    Call me a sunshine pumper, I love this post and agree completely. LSU will run the ball, not just because its Les Miles, or because its "what LSU does" but because we have the talent to do so and it wouldn't make sense not to. We do have youth at QB but there have been plenty of 1st year QB's under the right coaching have very successful seasons. I think LSU is over due for a diamond in the rough in that regard.

    Also, I agree completely on the concerns of our defensive line last season and even a little bit in our secondary with youth. But I am very excited about our defense this season and a few names in particular; Hunter and LaCouture on the line, Beckwith, Welter and Alexander behind them and of course Robinson and White in the secondary, along with Paris. I truly believe LSU has a lot of hidden talent that should come to light this season under Cameron and Chief and call me biased, but If I had a gun to my head right now and had to make a pick for a contender out of the West I'm singing "neck" all day long.

    By hidden talent I mean names that may not be known outside of BR right now, but will be by December.

    As for the barn, every championship season has a bit of luck involved, but Auburn was exceptionally lucky last season.
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    Look dude, I don't know. I just pulled up the Tampa roster and there he is. Practice squad, whatever, is he a pro bowler? No but pretty sure he sees the field once in a while. How are you going to bust some dudes balls because he is in the NFL. Wow.

    And by the way, what team is it you play for again?
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    Stop by Plano for your ass whippin' on your way to H-town. I'm headed to Baton Rouge by Wednesday.
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