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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Sourdoughman, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Oct 11, 2003
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    There is no link yet but I just saw a live report on Fox News.
    According to many of its own staff the UN is in crisis.
    It is riddled with unethical behavior and run by an old boys network that actually rewards corruption.
    It is an internal report obtained by Fox News called United Nations Organizational Integrity Survey, 2004 Final Report by DeLLoyd Consulting.
    Based on questionaires given to 6,000 UN Staff members from Senior leaders,
    managers and Supervisors.

    One UN comment says senior leaders caught in the middle of serious breeches of ethics should be punished not promoted.

    About the old boys network:That network is wide, tenacious and powerful, it is the ruling of the UN officers so long as you can wind your way into that network you are ok if not you are doomed.
    Opposing the network is certainly the end of a UN career.

    Anyone that complains about unethical behavior or corruption within the UN may be subject to reprisals against them or thier family.
    UN staff is at an all-time low and another UN member said, Please keep investigating the corruption here, it is all over the place and goes to the very

    Jonathon Hunt is the reporter on this story and I will again look for a link.
    To think Liberals are not happy with Bush because we didn't wait for the UN
    to go into Iraq, do you remember why the UN didn't go and wouldn't go with us?
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    Oct 10, 2003
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    To add to your post, Fox just showed footage of Palestinian terrorists using UN vehicles to attack Israeli IDF. That was pretty! It was the same attack where the Palestinians stole body parts of 5 dead Israeli soldiers and then played soccer with one of their heads.

    The UN is corrupt and rotten to the core, and it’s been that way for decades. The reason the UN is so corrupt is because the UN was hijacked and commandeered by the Organization of Islamic Countries, which is a coalition of 57 Islamic countries all aligned together against the US and Israel. In fact, none of the OIC members are legitimate democracies.

    This block also extends to alliances it has with the block of non-aligned nations and the members of the original European Community per the Euro-Arab Dialogue, where the Euros agreed to oppose Israel, the US, and accept Arab immigration in return for cheap oil and open Arab markets. Understand the Euro-Arab dialogue, and you will understand perfectly well why France and Germany opposed us in the recent war in Iraq and why Europe is so damn anti-Semitic.

    Corruption, like the UN oil-for-food program and worse, has been going on everyday for years, and, unfortunately, this is the same organization leading Democrats, like John Kerry, advocate turning over our national sovereignty to without our vote or consent. In other words, they want our destiny to be controlled by the same countries that are directly opposed to us in the War on Terror. And what’s really tragic is most Americans are completely clueless as to just how corrupt the UN really is!

    Nevertheless, what else can you expect from leading Democrats when being liberal today means being anti-American, and you can't get anymore anti-American than turning our sovereignty over to our enemies.

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    Yes, and the U.S. is sparkly clean. There is never any corruption or unethical behavior. It doesn't happen here. Sure.
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    The idea of all nations coming together as a happy group to discuss and vote upon their problems and issues is wearing out its quaintness.
    I feel the UN is basically becoming the balance against the US with the downfall of the Soviet Union.
    We know longer have the Free World vs. The Communist Bloc as a *balance* so the UN appears to be stepping in as the anti-US bloc.

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