IVAN MAISEL: Junk food doesn't build strong bones.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by JoeReckless, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Three SEC top-10 teams lost Saturday, which may be a record for one conference. While one (LSU or Florida) had to lose, the one-sided nature of losses by LSU, Georgia and Auburn means the voters -- and I include myself here -- had been suckered in by the SEC's reputation and failed to look at the facts. All of us ignored the league's long list of paycheck nonconference games. Junk food doesn't build strong bones.
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    Nov 25, 2003
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    I agree with him. I lost some respect for the strength of the SEC after this weekend's play.

    How do you respect Auburn, LSU or Georgia for being a top notch team, when they were all thoroughly embarrassed by their poor play?

    I know Tennessee isn't all that great. And Florida isn't either, LSU should have demolished them. So what does that leave us? Not much.

    I'll go on record as saying that Arkansas is the best team in the SEC right now. They would beat Florida on a neutral field this weekend.
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    LSU is not that good of a team. Face it. We are certainly capable of greatness, but that has not translated this year into anything we can be proud of. We throttled a few sissies at home. I am convinced the refs cost us the Auburn game, but Auburn is not nearly as good as everyone thought they were a while ago. LSU was its own worst enemy against a very good Florida team. Our 2 losses are signs of poor coaching. I hope LSU can work its way out of this - I think there is deer in headlights quality to Miles that has him flummoxed right now. I hope he works his way out of it.
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    Then you're definitely not going to like Maisel's other quote:

    1. Auburn fans reveled in the old comparative-score trick last week. The Tigers beat Washington State by 26. USC beat the Cougars by six. Let's see now: USC beat Arkansas by 36 …

    On this one I tend to agree with him. Using comparative scores, especially from early season games, is fool's gold.
    USC has a lot of injuries right now, but they are finding ways to win. Florida has found ways to win. Until either loses, sticking pins in voodoo dolls ain't gonna help much.
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    Isn't it funny .....

    When Ivan Maisel refers to LSU's 45-3 rout over Arizona and Auburn's 40-14 rout over Washington State ...those teams are "junk food" which "don't build strong bones."

    but in the same article when Mark May refers to USC's 20-3 victory over Arizona and USC's 28-22 squeaker over Washington State. Those teams "are good competition."

    It looks like a little ESPN double standard
  6. TigerKid05

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    Aug 3, 2004
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    espn is just disney's little b***h.
    take in to consideration the proximity of disneyland to USC
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    the auburn loss was bad because they were never in it and it was at home (oh, and it was #2 vs unranked)

    the uga loss wasnt bad- it was close with each team rallying several times and making plays. although it was at home. ut is very close to being undefeated.

    the lsu loss is the least bad of the bunch. uf had a better record against better competition at home. this was a close game for over a half and lsu was never out of it. people should be able to acknowledge the difference between a poor team that got beat and a good team that played poorly.

    but many are only looking for an excuse to rail on the sec. (much like us against pac10 and big11)
  8. scrappy

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    Sep 20, 2004
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    We should have known that judging by the horrible schedule LSU played early and the fact that the only game against a good team was a loss, that LSU would be in for trouble. ****, Florida had already been tested with a road win at Tennessee, beat Bama and a decent Kentucky team. Not to mention they played a decent non conference game against SO Miss. LSU played freaking awful competition and it didn't help them at all and they have been beaten when the level of competition has risen. Im not saying I blame these big schools for playing pansies b/c if you wanna win the title, you have to basically win every game and there is no sense in playing USC if you don't have to. But, I think we may have seen the cream rise to the top this weekend. Florida and Tennessee are arguably the best two teams in this league as of right now. They both have quality wins...Tennessee over UGA and Cal and Florida over Bama, Tennessee and LSU. Arkansas has a quality win over Auburn. UGA and LSU don't have a quality win as of now. UGA has been overrated all year and unless LSU proves something vs Tennessee in Knowxville, its very easy to say that they have been overrated too. I hope they turn it around but with Lester the Jester at the helm I dont know.
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    never thought about that. makes even more sense.
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    I know there's a website out there where you can plug in the names of practically any two teams in the country, and the site's search engine will give you a six degrees of separation rundown that will comparatively prove that McNeese is better than Ohio State, or whatever your preference may be.
    That cured me of ever making that kind of argument again.

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