I've failed (partially) as a Tiger fan.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by COramprat, Oct 8, 2007.

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    I was talking to my youngest son (he's 6) a few weeks ago and he told me he wasn't a Tiger fan anymore. So I asked him who he liked and he said "gasp" the Gators. So I picked on him a bit and told him I was going to make him sleep outside. He was kind of laughing and I knew he thought he was really getting to me. I asked him why he didn't like the Tigers anymore and he said "they are just mean and ugly dad and they need to put lotion on their faces".:lol: So when I got back for the game Saturday I sat with him on the floor and asked him what happened to his Gators and he just covered his face with his blanket and woudn't talk to me. (Side note: My oldest son's former Jr high has the Gator as a mascot and he was impressed with the mural in the gym...THAT is the Gators he talks about)

    Saturday morning my daughter calls. She is a freshman at LSU in Eunice. She asked me if I was going to the game and I told her yes. The rest of the converstaion goes like this.

    So who are they playing?


    Oh, are they good?

    Yea, pretty good.

    What is LSU's number?


    How many games have they won?

    They are 5-0...

    Oh, OK well have a good time, Dad.

    My saving grace...my oldest son (he is 12) had a football party with 5 of his friends. After the Tigers won he stripped to his underwear and went screaming down the street "Tigers Win Tigers Win!!!"

    I'll work on the other 2 this week. :thumb:
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    It's not all your fault. Your wife is from Mississippi. He's just confused. Bring him over to my house and my daughters can teach him "Hey fightin' Tigers!":thumb:
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    The first articles of clothing to ever grace this body were some LSU baby clothes. Teach em young. Force them to go to games as an infant.
  4. tigerleg24

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    Are you sure the other two are yours? .:hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
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    COrampant, check your pm, I'm sending my home and cell number to you so you can give it to your daughter. I am 13 miles North of Eunice and if she ever has vehicle problems, anything, tell her to dial 'em and I'd be more than happy to help.

    I have two daughters and know how "Fathers" worry. I can be on the LSU-E campus in 20 minutes.
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    Yes. My daughter has been to every game this season accept for USC (rain). She's only 10 months old and already has a picture with Mike. She has no choice. What's great is that her 87 year old great grandfather also got a picture with Mike this Saturday. It's full circle with tiger fans.

    Side Note: The 87 year old great grandfather is on his 9th year of a 10 year pig valve transplant. I told him after the game if the valve made it through that, he's good for at least another 10. :thumb:
  8. LSUgirlinTx

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    The following event took place on 10/6/2007 around 11am

    Me: Hey, you know who's playing today
    nephew (5): The tigers
    Me: Yes, buddy- this is a big game
    nephew: You know the bulldogs?
    Me: Like how?
    nephew: Like the tigers (I take this as he means as a mascot)
    Me: Why?
    nephew: Craig says that bulldogs are better. He says Cajuns are better.
    Me: Craig (ULL fan) is a filthy envious liar who is holding on to some lame hope for glory. He is crazy and should not be allowed small children.
    nephew: Oh.I like bulldogs more than tigers
    Me: You're getting a Barbie for Christmas
    nephew: Nooooo...I want a Megatron
    Me: (pulls out computer and googles bulldogs then tigers) What's cooler a bulldog or a tiger?
    nephew: Wow. Is that tiger killing that alligator?
    Me: Yes. That's how awesome they are. So, back to the question. Who's cooler?
    nephew: Oh. I like tigers.
    Me: Megatron it is, buddy. Now, what are you going to say to Craig next time you see him?
    nephew: Cajuns are lame and tigers are better. Then...I'm gunna go Raaarrrr to him
    Me: You have learned well, grasshopper.
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    They had these 2 little girls standing next to pod and i as we were waiting for the band...I think they were 7 and 5....

    Anyway, these girls were awesome....before i could spot the "tiger bait" they were screaming at the top of their lungs..."tiger bait, tiger bait, tiger bait". It was too cute! Their parents were proud.

    When my 3 yr old told me that she wanted to have a LSU party for her birthday, i was almost in tears.

    The DVD that was posted is great too! Screw Baby Einstein! :thumb:
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    Last year, I brought my oldest son to the Tulane game (he was 4 at the time). Taught him to TigerBait the opponents. He even went as far as to walk up to people a few parking spots over from us, tug on this guys shirt, and when he turned to look at him, yell "TIGERBAIT!" Proudest moment in my life as a father so far. :hihi:
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