Jabari Greer torn ACL - out for the year

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints Forum' started by fanatic, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Really sucks for us, but we've got some depth, so we should be ok. We signed Trevin Wade, who was most recently with AZ, but if he sees any game time, then we've sustained some devastating injuries to those ahead of him on the depth chart.

    One bit of good news is that Victor Butler returned to practice on an 'extremely limited basis'. He's still a long shot at making the roster, but by rule, the Saints had to remove him from the PuP list. They now have 21 days to decide whether to activate him or place him on season ending IR.

    As awesome as it would be to have him for the playoffs, no player has ever returned from an ACL tear outside of 9 months (Adrian Peterson) and even then, it was deemed as a minor miracle. Since it's only been 6 months since Butler's injury, it's an extreme long shot.
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    It looked way the hell worse than that. Looked like a possible career-threatening injury. I sure hope he comes back strong. He's been a great Saint, for sure.
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    Lewis and White starting corners.

    Vaccaro and Jenkins to play a lot of nickel slot.

    Carr as a dime back (he has been solid all year).

    Harper is back so we can let guys like Vaccaro and Jenkins play coverage.

    I think we are fine. But yeah it sucks for Greer and the Saints, as he was having a good year.

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