Joe Kines daughter killed in accident

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    Daughter of ex-Alabama defensive coordinator Joe Kines killed in auto accident |

    The daughter of former Alabama defensive coordinator Joe Kines was killed this morning in an accident in the Tuscaloosa area.
    Susan Kines Langston, 43, was killed in an accident near Northridge High School, according to a Tuscaloosa Police Department news release. Seven people were hospitalized in the accident.
    Two vehicles were involved in the accident in the 5700 block of North Ridge Road, according to the news release. A 2002 Ford Explorer driven by an 18-year-old male crossed the center line and collided head on with a 2005 Buick Lacrosse driven by Langston. Two juveniles in Langston's car and five people in the other vehicle, including the driver, were taken to DCH Medical Center for treatment.
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    Ohhhhh, man! I teared up when I read that! I've got three girls and I can't even.imagine. The two juveniles in her car were probably her kids.The 18 y'o who crossed the center line should be made to go to the funeral under police escort!
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    Yeah, I am with you, man. Once you have a wife and kids, you can't help but think about how easy shyt like this can happen - someone looking down, texting, etc and cross over a center line is all it takes.
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    This is absolutely TERRIBLE. I pray for Joe Kines and his family. Awful. Just awful. Joe Kines is the nicest guy in the world, too. I couldn't imagine what he's going through.

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