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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by snorton938, Mar 11, 2004.

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    i've come to my opinion on john brady.....keep him one more season and see how the team develops......i'd like to see him succeed since he has had scholarship obstacles to overcome but, the real proof will be in the development of the freshmen (not making them all-stars but just better)....when i watched the kentucky game one play stood out....lsu had the ball and went down court, kentucky (older more seasoned players) had the lsu player (younger but bigger) boxed out in a semicircle arount the paint almost to the 3 pt line.....i waited for bass to work towards the low post since it would be an easy pass.....did'nt happen and they had to launch a long two which "boinked" off the rim....kentucky got the rebound....yeah they are freshmen but the inside game relied too much on lloreda's speed and bass wasn't developed (yet).....bass has the build of a future nba power forward (look at the shoulders arms and chest width)....but in college will have to develop at center for now....keep brady until next season and see if the kids get better......
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    I totally agree with this assessment. Next year is a team that should challenge for the best record in the SEC and should make noise in the NCAA tourney as well as a top 15 ranking.

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