Jolly Rancher Martini's

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    Each year, for my wife's birthday, I make up a couple of batches of Jolly Rancher Martini's for guests to celebrate with. They are easy to make and are particularly well liked by the ladies (wink-wink)! Here's the recipe that I got from Ybor's Martini Bar on Church Street :

    1 750ml bottle of quality Vodka
    10-15 pieces of your favorite Jolly Rancher candies ( I recommend Green Sour Apple or Watermellon. Do not mix different flavors though)

    At room temperature, unwrap the pieces of candies and insert into the bottle of Vodka, then seal with cap. (You may need to remove a protected pour cap in order to add candies)

    I usually start out with 10 candies per bottle, you can add more later to your preferred taste. Any more than 12 and the drink begins to become more sweet than sour. (For some reason, drinks with too much sugar tend to leave one with a mild hangover).

    Invert the bottle periodically to encourage infusion of the candies until they have fully dissolved into the vodka. This make take 2-3 hours or longer. Once fully dissolved, place entire bottle into the freezer until fully chilled. Serve in chilled martini glasses or shot glasses and let the party begin. This is great for parties since it can be prepared ahead of time and very little cleanup. I guarantee you'll be asked for the recipe.

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