Just came in for the weekend ( from N.C.)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by N.C.Tiger, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Imake a couple of trips a year back to Tiger Stadium for games and happened to be this weekend we came down, I thank God it was this one cause I got to see Tiger Fans at the best. We had that place rocking at the end of fourth quarter, I mean the little kids were sc reaming wildly and every old person was letting it go.. To all out there screaming and cheering on the beloved Tigers, Congrads. High fives to you all and see ya next trip.
    By the way ,the advocate had an article in Sat paper about tide and lsu fans making the trip and I got interviewed in it, Im the PawPaw with the Grandson that will qb in 15 yrs.
    Congrads to Tiger Players & Staff and to all you Tiger Fatefuls, We rocked the Stadium tonight, cant talk but I'll get over that, Later group:geauxtige:geauxtige:geauxtige
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    Was the Stuff of Legend out there today! I lost my voice rocking with the student section--and I'm old enuf to know better.

    My thanks to the LSU Program, players & fans for an amazing First Time in Death Valley ever. (Special shout out to RANDEE, Mike's Caretaker, for the unforgettable Ride)! Mike tried to spray me--but I was too fast for him! LOL.

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